Event Scheduling Procedure Utilizing 25Live

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this standard is to establish a streamlined procedure for scheduling all events within the organization using the 25Live event scheduling platform. This standard aims to enhance efficiency, resource allocation, and accurate documentation of all events.
  2. Scope: This standard applies to all departments, units, and personnel responsible for organizing and coordinating events within the organization.
  3. Statement: All events, regardless of scale or nature, must be scheduled exclusively through the organization’s designated event scheduling platform, 25Live. This includes but is not limited to meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, performances, and social gatherings.
  4. Procedures:
    • a. Event Request: Any individual or department seeking to schedule an event must initiate a request through the 25Live platform as well as submit an event form. The request should include pertinent details such as event name, date, time, location, expected attendance, and any special requirements.
    • b. Approval Process: If required, the request will undergo review and approval by the designated authority within the organization. Approval will consider factors such as venue availability, resource allocation, and alignment with organizational objectives.
    • c. Resource Allocation: Following approval, necessary resources such as venue, equipment, and personnel will be allocated. This ensures efficient coordination of logistical arrangements.
    • d. Calendar Management: All scheduled events will be documented within the organization’s central event calendar in 25Live. This calendar serves as a comprehensive record of all past and upcoming events, accessible to relevant personnel for planning and coordination purposes.
    • e. Communication: Upon scheduling, pertinent event details will be communicated to relevant stakeholders, including organizers, participants, and support staff. This ensures clarity regarding event logistics and any specific instructions or requirements.
  5. Rationale: Adopting a standardized event scheduling procedure through 25Live offers numerous benefits:
    • a. Centralization: 25Live provides a centralized platform for event scheduling, minimizing scheduling conflicts and facilitating efficient resource allocation.
    • b. Efficiency: Coordinating resource allocation through 25Live enhances efficiency by streamlining the scheduling process and reducing manual coordination efforts.
    • c. Transparency: Utilizing 25Live promotes transparency in the event scheduling process, with clear documentation of requests, approvals, and allocations.
    • d. Accessibility: Access to the event calendar within 25Live enables easy viewing of upcoming events, supporting effective planning and coordination.
    • e. Compliance: Implementing a standard requiring event scheduling through 25Live ensures compliance with organizational procedures, enhancing operational effectiveness.
  6. Compliance: Non-compliance with this standard may lead to scheduling conflicts, resource misallocation, or disruptions in event planning. Departments or individuals found in violation may face corrective actions or sanctions in accordance with organizational policies.
  7. Review and Revision: This standard will undergo periodic review and revision to ensure its continued relevance and alignment with organizational objectives. Proposed changes will be subject to approval by the appropriate authority before implementation.
  8. Implementation: This standard shall be communicated to all relevant personnel within the organization through appropriate channels. Training and support will be provided as necessary to facilitate adherence to the event scheduling procedure outlined herein.