Rendering for Blender

There are currently two options, connect to a VNC machine to have the file rendering locally or send it to the render farm.

For either option, ensure your Blender files/folders are ready to go on the shared Render drive (R:) within your folder. Your folder is typically named with your first initial and last name.

Using VNC

How to connect to a VNC machine:

Then check available machines:

Once you’ve found a machine that’s not in use, connect to it and open Blender to render locally.

Please note that multiple students are using these machines; make sure to log out for the next student to connect once your job is complete.

Using Qube

Review the instructions for Qube Rendering at CCS.

The following labs have Qube UI installed – Ford24HrLab, W301, W010, W005, W003, Taub24HrLab, 720, 612, 606.

From a lab machine or VDI, you can submit your Blender job to the farm. If you’re in one of these labs or logged into VDI, open the Qube UI application from the Windows start menu (Click the start button, type Qube, and click Qube UI under apps) and follow the submission guide on the next page.

To use VDI click one of these links depending on your OS:



Now that you have the Qube UI app open, you can follow along to submit the job. Within Qube UI, click Submit at the top and then hover over 3D, and then click Blender Batchrender.

On the window that opens up, fill in the Job Name.

Next click Worker Selection, follow the highlighted areas, clicking the three dots to open Groups. Check the box for the BLENDER group.

Next click Blender BatchRender. (If the Blender executable field is not filled in, click Browse and then navigate to the following folder: C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender 2.93 Then click the blender executable and click open) Next under Blender file, click Browse, and find your file on the R drive. Afterwards click Browse for the Output path, saving it to the R drive.
The output must be to the R drive or it may fail to process the job. Check your Image Format and Scene if necessary and then click Submit.

That’s it, now the job will be sent to the farm and when it’s finished it will show up on the R drive in your selected folder. You can monitor the job if you wish to see if it starts rendering from the Qube UI app.

If you have any issues please contact