If you already have a CCS RealVNC account and have installed VNC Viewer, click the link under  VNC Machine Availability to see which machines are available for use.  

Then, open the VNC Viewer app on your computer and connect to an available VNC machine. If you are just getting started, skip to the Getting Started section. 

VNC Machine Availability 

Taubman VNC

Getting Started 

To set up a RealVNC account for remote access to CCS VNC machines, you need to: 

(1) Send an email from your CCS email account to helpdesk@collegeforcreativestudies.edu requesting VNC access. 

(2) You’ll eventually receive a RealVNC invitation email. Open the email and click Join Team. Your browser will open up your online RealVNC profile page.  

Note: You’ll be prompted to download and install the VNC Viewer app (continued in the Download  VNC Viewer section). 

(3) In your online RealVNC profile in the browser, click the Security –> Change password to set  and confirm a password, if one is not set. 

Download VNC Viewer 


Choose the operating system of your personal machine, then click Download VNC Viewer to install  VNC Viewer on your personal machine. 

Once the installer package has been downloaded to your machine, open it and begin the installation  process. 

After the application has completed installation, launch the VNC Viewer application. 

Signing In to the VNC Viewer 

Click Sign In at the top-right corner of VNC Viewer. Enter your full CCS email address and  password, then click the Sign In button. 

After signing in, click the College for Creative Studies category along the left column. There will be  a list of VNC computers that you can remotely connect to. 

Locating An Available Machine 

The section VNC Machine Availability at the top of this webpage allows you to browse the VNC  Machine list and find a machine that is not in use. Click the link to go to the page. 

Machines displaying a green screen  with a square are powered and  available. 

Return to the VNC Viewer application  and double-click on the machine you  want to connect to. 

Enter the password vncstudent and  click OK

You will now see the login screen of  the machine you are controlling.  

From here, you must log in using your  CCS username and password. 

You must access the machine as if  you were in a lab using your CCS  username and password.

When you are done with your session, make sure that you FIRST  log out of the computer as you normally would.  

Click the Windows button at the bottom-left and select Sign out


Once you’ve logged out of the remote  computer, open the VNC drop-down menu  by moving the mouse near the top-middle  of your VNC Viewer window. 

Close your remote session by clicking the X in the upper area of the viewer window. 

Tips For Better Performance 

For better performance, you can adjust the  resolution or the scaling in the VNC drop  down menu.  

Click the gear icon to access these settings.

If you experience slowness, try lowering the Picture Quality. Click the Options tab –> Picture  Quality and select a lower setting.  

If the VNC window itself is too large / small for your actual screen, adjust the scaling by clicking the  Scaling menu.  If you are having any issues, please fill out a HelpDesk ticket by visiting helpdesk.collegeforcreativestudies.edu or call the Help Desk at (313) 664-7818.