Student Accounts and Services through CCS

All students will have access to various resources including Google Workspace for Education (email, calendar, drive, etc), Adobe Suite (credit and pre-college students), VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), LinkedIn Learning, library databases, student self-service, Canvas learning management system, and associated other services.


Incoming students

Incoming students will receive their campus login including access to Google and self-service when they are admitted to CCS.  Other services listed above will be activated 2-3 weeks in advance of their starting semester (mid-August or mid-December).

Graduating students

Email/Google:  CCS graduates can keep their email access indefinitely as long as it is in active use.  No request is necessary for this to happen.  Periodically we do purge accounts, but always warn graduates via email 2-3 weeks ahead of time.  If we don’t detect current usage and you get such a notification, simply respond saying you’re still using the account and we’ll maintain it.  Currently there are no space restrictions on Google Drive, but due to changes in Google’s practice this will likely be limited for graduates in the near future.  Please minimize any storage in Google’s cloud after graduation to avoid potential space issues.

Adobe Suite:  Access to Adobe will terminate after graduation.  For May graduates, we extend access into August to allow time to transition out.  This includes Adobe Portfolio – please don’t use this service expecting to maintain it after graduation.  Adobe currently offers a one-time migration of your cloud assets to a paid account, but technical details and challenges do arise with this, particularly with the Portfolio product.  For December graduates, we typically extend access into March.  A warning will be sent to your CCS email address prior to making any changes.

VDI, LinkedIn Learning, library databases:  access will cease after the add period of the first semester you’re not enrolled (mid-September for May graduates, grace period to March for December graduates).

Please visit for a list of current Alumni Services.

Students taking a semester or two away from CCS

Email, self-service, etc will stay active.  Adobe access will be suspended, as will most other services during the time you’re not here.  Any exceptions to this must be for very specific situations and go through your department chair.

Accounts for students on Study Abroad & Exchange Programs will remain active (contact the CCS Global Programs advisor).

Students who have been away longer

We are unable to keep accounts open for non-current students (with the exception of access for CCS graduates). Non-graduated students who have been away for at least four semesters will have their accounts inactivated. Should they later be readmitted to CCS and return, applicable accounts will be reinstated.

Continuing Education

Appropriate services will be available during the semester enrolled, but should be expected to end immediately if not enrolled the following semester.  No warning will be given.

Educational Use Software

As a reminder, most software at CCS is licensed for educational use only.  If a student is using for professional, non-educational work, they are responsible for obtaining their own properly licensed software for that purpose.