Your CCS Adobe Creative Cloud Account

CCS students, faculty, and staff now receive Adobe Creative Cloud for educational use in all CCS labs and offices and up to two personal computers without the need to purchase or renew a license. CCS users receive access to the full Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud Services, and Adobe Cloud storage.

1. Establish your new CCS Adobe Creative Cloud Account

Check your CCS email for an invitation from Adobe Creative Cloud ( announcing access to All Apps.

Click on the blue “Get Started” button in the email to set up your
new Adobe Creative Cloud account.

On the screen that opens, click to “Sign in with Enterprise ID” and create your login using your CCS email.

If prompted to log in again, always choose to sign in with the Enterprise ID and use your full CCS email for the email address.

Select the United States as the country, as that is the location of the applicable license.

2. Access the Creative Cloud Software

Computers in CCS Labs

From the applications folder, click to open the software application that you want to use, for example, Photoshop or Illustrator.

When prompted, log in to your CCS Adobe Enterprise ID account that you created in Step 1 on the previous page.

The selected application will launch for use.

You can now open any Adobe application on the computer you are currently signed in to.


Click the user icon in the upper right of the Creative Cloud application to log out.

If you do not sign out of the Creative Cloud application, anyone with access to that computer will also have access to all of your work. DO NOT select “Quit” within the application you are working as this will not log you out.

To sign out, click on “Help” in the upper toolbar and then select “Sign Out.”

Please remember to sign out.

On your own Computer

Go to and look for the Sign In button in the upper right of the window.

On the next page that opens. Enter your CCS email address. After entering your email address, select the Company or School Account option.

Make sure to select the Company or School Account option.
Enter your full CCS email address.

Click on the link to download the Creative Cloud Apps. You may be prompted to log in to Creative Cloud again to complete the installation of the Creative Cloud Desktop App Installer.

Select the Creative Cloud service.
Click Install Creative Cloud app under Quick Links.
An installer application will download to your machine. Select it and let the Creative Cloud app install on your machine.

When the installer has finished, Open the Creative Cloud application on your machine. Click on the All Apps option to review and select the apps that you want to install on your computer.

The Creative Cloud application is your control center for all the applications on your machine.

Return to the Creative Cloud application on your computer toolbar at any time to update apps, install additional apps, access Adobe tutorials or assets, or access Adobe Cloud Storage.