VNC Remote Walk-Through

1. Download the VNC Viewer to your machine by visiting If you are unsure what operating system to use, please contact us at the Helpdesk.

2. Click the installer once when the download is complete.

3. Launch VNC Viewer on your machine.

4. You will be asked to log in with the VNC credentials you created.

5. Once you are logged in, click the College for Creative Studies item to view the machines that you have been given access to manage.

6. Select the machine you wish to access and enter ‘vncstaff’ as the password. You will not be able to enter a username.

7. Once you have logged in to VNC you will now need to log in to your computer using your regular CCS credentials.

A few important things to remember.

Your machine must remain on. When you end your session do not shut down your machine.

Something to be aware of. When you’re connected via VNC, you’re taking over your work computer.  If your monitor is on, anyone near your computer will be able to see what you’re working on, so you may want to turn your monitor(s) off when leaving work but leave your computer on.  Also, when you end the VNC session, unless you log off your work computer or send ‘ctl-alt-del’ to it and choose lock workstation, your computer will still be on and anyone could walk up to it and take over as you until the default lock policy kicks in after a few minutes.

Additionally, If you have two monitors at work, it will try to display both in your VNC session.  This can get really small to work with, especially on a laptop.  One of the easiest things to do is go into your display settings on your office computer (you can do this from the VNC connection) and change the multiple display settings from ‘extend’ to show only on one monitor.  Upon returning to work you can return the setting to your preference.

Display setting using Windows 7.