International Student Services

Yamasaki, Second Floor, Ext. 7428
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 A.M.- 4:30 P.M.

International Student Services strives to meet the needs of our growing international student population. The ISSO is responsible for the recruitment of international students and the admission process, immigration documentation, maintenance of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), academic advising of international students, orientation for new and returning international students and study abroad programs. The goal of the ISSO is to help international students assimilate easily into the academic and creative environment at CCS through continued support beginning with the application process and continuing after completion of studies.

School Closing

In the event it is necessary to close CCS because of severe weather conditions (or any other emergency), it is important that everyone is properly notified. You should also understand that it is CCS policy to keep the College open, if at all possible. Students have every expectation we will do so.

Non-Resident Amenities Fee

Commuting students (those not residing in College Housing) are not able to park overnight in the CCS Structures without obtaining a Non-Resident Amenities Permit. The Non-Resident Amenities Fee allows for commuting students to have access to overnight parking, laundry facilities, and spray booth access in the Art Centre Building. The fee is $200 per year and the form to complete this process is available in the Student Affairs Office.

Center for Tutoring and Writing

Room C204 Kresge-Ford
Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM
Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM

Academic Support for ALL classes & Free for ALL

The Center for Tutoring and Writing (CTW) provides free academic support for all students. Staffed by higher education professionals and departmental peer tutors, the CTW offers students the possibility to improve both academic and artistic skills, develop different learning approaches, and find encouragement for expanding ideas.

Personalized Attention

CTW services primarily include one-on-one assistance for all CCS classes and are tailored to each individual’s academic needs. Students find the CTW can be an oasis in the midst of their increasingly overwhelming workload. Whether a student is given assistance with an assignment or, help with time management or encouragement to build confidence in their work, the CTW can be just the place for students to get a handle on their academic concerns.

Peer Tutors Help with ALL classes

In the CTW our peer “creatives” are juniors and seniors in their majors who assist students with the specifics of a puzzling project or give tips for tackling life as a CCS student. Peer creatives help with Foundation studios, software challenges, or just general questions about building successful work habits. Peer tutor schedules are posted on the CTW webpage and in the CTW each semester. Students can meet with a peer tutor on a walk-in basis.

Writing Made Right

One of the major areas of assistance in the CTW is writing support. Help is available for all types of materials from research papers, short stories and essays to artist statements, and resumes. During interactive sessions, students can brainstorm topic ideas, revise drafts and sharpen mechanics and grammar. A valuable extension of the CTW is the Writing Studio which brings CCS English faculty together with students during lunchtime 1130 AM – 1230 PM.

International students may also receive assistance specific to their needs as English Language Learners.

Time Management – Time for YOU!

Whether you are a first-year CCS student or a senior, some semesters can be more complicated than others and you may need some strategies to make it through more difficult times successfully. Taking time to organize a work plan can be extremely effective and actually save you time, balance your workload and allow you to sleep!

Workshops on the Go, Computers & Quiet Space

Lunchtime and pop-up workshops highlighting a variety of student-centered topics are also conducted throughout each semester. The CTW also serves as an alternate computer lab where students have access to software as well as printing capability. A separate quiet study room is available for students who need privacy to work or to take tests.

Wellness and Counseling Services

Yamasaki, Second Floor, Ext. 7852, 7838 or 7412
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm


The CCS Wellness Center is dedicated to promoting the well-being of the whole student and the whole campus through the use of innovative, creative, accessible and impactful wellness initiatives. The Wellness Center offers personal counseling, health services, group support, workshops and various student-oriented activities aimed at building and fostering community and inclusion.


Counseling Services at the College for Creative Studies, staffed by graduate-degree, licensed clinicians, assists students in meeting their emotional, psychological, and mental health needs and contributes to a campus environment that facilitates the healthy growth and development of students. Both individual and group support services are available covering a variety of topics and presenting issues.

Health Services offered through the CCS Wellness Center are staffed by Board Certified Nurse Practitioners. Health Services can provide basic medical care for minor illnesses and injuries as well as referrals for more specialized or urgent care when needed.

Wellness Services are offered throughout the year to students and include yoga, various topic-specific workshops, and student-oriented activities and programming.

All services provided by the Wellness Center are free and available to currently enrolled, full or part-time students during the academic year.

To make an appointment contact the Wellness Center:

Or call the Office of Student Affairs at: 313-664-7879

Student Affairs

Yamasaki, Second Floor, Ext. 7879
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 A.M.- 4:30 P.M.

The Office of Student Affairs promotes the personal and academic welfare of all CCS students, individually and collectively. The Office of Student Affairs staff has a broad knowledge of CCS and the Detroit area. All questions and concerns, large or small, can be discussed freely and confidentially with the staff. The Office of Student Affairs includes on-campus housing, personal counseling, the student ombudsman, student activities, judicial services, orientation and commencement, student diversity and inclusion, campus nurse, and Dean of Students.

Occasionally you may feel that there is a breakdown in communication or a difference in point of view with another student, faculty member or staff member. If, after attempting to discuss the matter with the party involved, there is no resolution, or if there is a complaint or suggestion you wish to make, it is important to know where to go and to whom you can speak. In most cases, your department chair or a member of the Office of Student Affairs can help. In any case, you should talk to someone so that your concerns can be made known and some response can be given.

Career Services

Yamasaki Building, Second Floor, Ext. 7466
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am- 4:00pm

Monday & Thursday, scheduled appointments only
Wednesday, walk-ins welcome.

The College for Creative Studies’ Career Services Office is dedicated to exposing students and alumni to professional development resources that will aid them in identifying and obtaining their personal career goals.

Career Services coordinates events and personalized on-campus recruiting throughout the year, in addition to providing the following services: individual career counseling, online services, Behance management, CCS 4 Year Career Plan, Online Job Book, Internship Program, Industry Day preparation, professional skills development workshops, and Perfect Interview Software.