The functions within Student Affairs Office include Student Engagement, Residence Life, Campus Dining, Student Organizations, Student Disability Services, Center for Tutoring and Writing, New Student Orientation, and Commencement.  Students are also able to come to our office for advocacy needs, general questions and support, meal plan questions, and resources within and outside of the College.


Connecting With Staff

In an effort to maintain the health and safety of students and staff, walk-in service is not available at this time.  Please email the staff member that you would like to meet with to schedule an appointment.  Meeting by appointment will allow us to better serve your needs and will avoid crowded office space where social distancing would be impossible. Contact information is on the right side of this page.

Please note, walk in appointments are not available at this time, please email the staff member that you would like to meet with to schedule an appointment.

College Nurse information can be found here.
Wellness and Counseling Services information can be found here.
Student Housing information can be found here.
Center for Tutoring and Writing information can be found here.
Graduation/ Commencement information can be found here.

Student Organizations

There is a big difference between attending CCS and being a part of the CCS community! Joining a student organization is a great & easy way to get involved. Each group offers different benefits. It all depends on what you are looking to find. Most importantly, Student Organizations can help to prepare you for a very competitive world after college, where people skills and out-of-classroom experiences are highly valued and expected as you move into your career.

Benefits of joining a Student Organization include…

  • Social Networking
  • Social Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Personality Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Organization & Management Skills
  • Resume Builder
  • Friendships & fun

To explore all of the Student Organizations at CCS, check out the list on the Peacock Pride portal.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Want to create your own Student Organization? It’s easy! Contact Katie Gaither (kgaither@collegeforcreativestudies.edu) to find out how you can create a new Student Organization.

Student Government

Student Government is a duly elected body of student representatives that serve to represent and unify the College for Creative Studies student community. They work to further the goals and desires of the students, and serve as a bridge between the student body and the school faculty, staff, and administration.

More information about the functions & processes of Student Government can be found in the Student Government Constitution.

Weekly Meetings

Student Government meetings take place every Wednesday at 11:30am EST throughout the Fall and Winter semesters. Meetings are open to all students.
During the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semester, Student Government meetings are taking place virtually via Zoom. The Zoom Meeting ID is 948 0100 9408.

Student Government Funding

To propose funding from Student Government, students must fill out an official Student Government Proposal for Funding. Students can edit the form directly in Acrobat, or they can print it, edit it, then scan it back into a digital format. It is also highly encouraged to put together a presentation outlining who you are, what you’re seeking funds for, and all the details that go along with it. The student will then give their presentation at the next Student Government meeting.

If students are seeking funds for a Senior Thesis, they must come prepared with a solid plan. Sketches, cost breakdowns, floor plans, images of past work, research, etc. are all great information to back up the credibility of the proposal. Remember to be specific, diligent, and knowledgeable on the topic of the proposal. There will be times during the Student Government meeting where representatives will ask questions about the proposal & plans.

Completed proposals for funding must be submitted at least 1 day in advance in order to reserve a proposal presentation spot in the next meeting. Proposal forms can be sent to studentgov@collegeforcreativestudies.edu.

Download the Proposal for Funding form.


Student Government

Katie Gaither
Student Government Advisor

Student Advocate

The Student Advocate position was created to provide students a consistent, centralized point of contact for questions, concerns and/or problems they may be experiencing on campus. The position is not intended to eliminate standard office and academic procedures elsewhere on campus, more to provide a supplemental resource for students. The Student Advocate’s primary rule is to ensure that policies are enforced fairly and that students are fully informed of what is being done and why.

To contact the Student Advocate, please email Dan Long at dlong@collegeforcreativestudies.edu

Students With Disabilities

All students are encouraged to disclose disabilities that they feel may affect their academic success. We want you to succeed, and our ability to offer you the best education is made possible if you are receiving the appropriate assistance.

Students identified as having any type of disability are entitled and encouraged to request accommodations.

Find out more and download the Disability Verification Form.

CCS Food Bank

There is a food bank in the Office of Student Affairs for students who have run out of food and do not have the resources to buy more. The concept behind this food bank is that it is an emergency resource for students.

Don’t go hungry, ask for help.

Student Travel/Development