Frequently Asked Questions About Gender Neutral Housing

What does Gender Neutral Housing (GNH) mean?

This housing option was created for students to be paired with a roommate or roommates based on compatibility rather than gender identity. Gender Neutral Housing welcomes any student into the living space. If a student leaves the room during the academic year, any other student will be able to fill the available bed. Students requesting this option may or may not be placed with someone who identifies with the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Intersex) community.

Is this housing option just for the LGBTQI students?

No. This option can benefit any individual since a student has the ability to choose or be assigned roommates with whom they would feel most comfortable. Pairing roommates together will not be contingent on an identified gender since some students’ gender may be in flux.

Who is eligible for GNH and how are assignments made?

***Any student who selects “yes” for this question on the housing application is alerting housing that they are comfortable rooming with any gender identification. This does not guarantee a gender neutral space, but will help the housing department support students on campus looking for this type of environment.

Should people choose to live together if they are in a romantic

It is not recommended or encouraged that any romantic couple rushes into living together on campus nor is it the intention of this policy. This policy was produced to create a safe space for students.

Where does gender neutral housing exist on campus for First Year

GNH will be created only when each student in a space has identified that they are comfortable with the distinction. GNH is created organically with student feedback and does not have a designated room/floor/hall on campus.

Why was it implemented?

At CCS we strive to provide a safe and comfortable living environment to all of our students. We have recently had an increased need from students for gender neutral housing. Prior to providing this option some students may have had a difficult time securing housing that met their needs for safety,
inclusivity, and privacy.

What if I am not sure about this housing option and have specific
questions and concerns?

The Residence Life staff is always available to discuss any particular questions a student has in an effort to find an accommodation that works for everyone involved. Please reach out to the housing department at 313.664.7879 or email us at for any questions or needs you may have.