Work-Study Program

Students wishing to do a work-study job on campus should first review the list of postings on Blackboard to determine if there are any jobs currently available they meet the qualifications for.  Once an appropriate job is located, students can contact the supervisor listed to set up an interview. The interview is an important part of the process and should be taken seriously – supervisors will choose the student they feel is most suitable in terms of skills and demeanor.

Once you have secured a job, you will fill hiring forms with your supervisor, which are submitted to the Financial Aid Office.  In addition, students need to complete tax forms (available in the Human Resources Office) and provide documentation of their identity and citizenship status.  Students should not begin working until all these documents are provided to the appropriate offices and confirmation is received that they have been processed.

International students are eligible for work-study but will need to go through the additional step of obtaining a Social Security number and card.  Contact Dorin Campbell at (313) 664-7497 for more information.

Students are compensated for hours worked through bi-weekly paychecks.  In order for your check to be processed for the following pay date, your timesheet must be submitted according to your supervisor’s stated schedule.  Due to the tight schedule for payroll processing, there may be very short time frames in which to submit your hours. 

All work-study students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. Direct deposit forms are available in the Financial Aid or Human Resources offices.