Submitting Files for Rapid Prototyping And Part Finishing


  1. Download or save the latest “Student RP Request Form“. This form has two sheets the
    1st sheet labelled “Student Request” is for each student to complete (Do not fill out
    the second Page “CCS Staff Only”, this is for internal use only.)
  2. Fill out course and contact information. List each .stl file to be rapid prototyped
    under the column “File Name.”
  3. No files will be accepted or reviewed without a completed “Student RP Request
    Form”. All filenames must follow naming instructions (keep names as short as
  4. Bring your stl files and completed form on disc or flash drive to the model shop (11th
    Floor Taubman Building).
  5. All Files must be stitched and water tight.
  6. Rapid Prototype machines will only accept files saved in .STL FORMAT.
  7. One .stl part per file only. Do not put multiple parts in one part file.

All *** .stl files must contain the student’s full name, how many and
located within a folder on the disc or flash drive to be accepted for rapid prototyping. After full student name, keep the file name as short as
possible! The shop will not look at your files unless this format is

File structure/name conventions – example for submitting rapid prototype file.


  • Create Folder Use student’s first and last name only
  • Create STL file(s) John-Doe-frt-whl-(how many: 1pc, 2pc, etc.) .stl
  • Stl files must be saved in created folder as stated.