Metalshop – Safety

  • Long sleeve shirt and pants – Please do not wear skirts or skin revealing clothing. Wear fire resistant natural fibers like cotton, denim, silk, and wool. Please avoid spandex, nylon, fleece, polyester and other synthetics. This will help protect you from sparks and ultraviolet burns.
  • Leather Boots or Sturdy closed toe shoes – Shoes must be made of natural fibers and will protect feet from heavy objects, hot metal, cutting sparks, etc. Sandals, flip-flops, high heels, crocs, open-toed shoes and any other shoe that exposes the foot are NOT allowed.
  • No loose fitting clothing – Please avoid baggy pants, untucked shirts, scarves, jewelry, and /or keys/ID lanyards that can become caught in a rotary tool.
  • No long, loose hair – Please tie back hair or tuck in a hat. Hair is extremely flammable and can easily become caught in rotary tools.
  • Eye Protection – MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES!!! Prescription glasses must be covered with glasses or a face shield. Darkened face shields are available for welding and clear face shields and glasses are available for all other times.
  • Ear Protection – Ear plugs and earmuffs are available for use. Hearing damage is cumulative and may not be noticed until it is too late.
  • Dust masks – are used when creating fine dust and are available in the tool crib or at the bookstore .
  • Do not operate any tool while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, any non-prescribed or prescribed medication.
  • Do not operate any tool if drowsy/sleep deprived.