Woodshop – Safety

  • Sturdy closed toe shoes or boots – Shoes must protect feet from heavy objects, slivers, etc. Sandals, flip-flops, high heels, crocs, open-toed shoes and any other shoe that exposes the foot are NOT allowed.
  • No loose fitting clothing – Please avoid baggy pants, untucked shirts, scarves and jewelry that can become caught in a rotary tool.
  • No long, loose hair – Please tie back hair or tuck in a hat. Hair can easily become caught in a rotary tool.
  • Eye Protection – MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES!!! Prescription glasses must be covered with glasses or a face shield.
  • Ear Protection – Ear plugs are available for use. Hearing damage is cumulative and may not be noticed until it is too late.
  • Do not operate any tool while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, any non-prescribed or prescribed medication.
  • Do not operate any tool if drowsy/sleep deprived.
  • Dust masks – are used when creating fine dust and are available at the bookstore.