Imaging Center

The Imaging Center (IC) provides a variety of print services to the CCS community. It is located on the 6th floor of the Taubman Center in room 631.

The IC’s regular hours are Monday – Thursday from 8am to 10pm and Friday from 8am to 3pm. There are extended weekend hours during midterms and finals, which are posted on Blackboard and on the CCS information monitors.

The Imaging Center has two Canon production laser printers, which include basic copying & scanning services, two Epson wide-format printers, and two Epson sheet-feed inkjet printers. In addition, the IC also offers draft quality wide-format printing on an Epson plotter printer. On the Canon laser printer, the IC can print up to 13” x 19” and use 110 lb. card stock. The Imaging Center also provides various plastic coil and wire binding services. Students can provide their own laser paper to print at a low-cost rate; they must bring the paper in its original packaging so that the IC has all of the accurate information on paper type.

Students must bring files to the IC that are print-ready and on a flash drive. The Imaging Center will accept files from staff and faculty through fillable online forms that can be found on the “Imaging Center” link within the “Campus Offices” page on the CCS Blackboard website. Services are available at a discounted price for staff and faculty. If color prints or posters are being charged to a department, an 8-digit budget code number is required in order for the job to be processed. The appropriate account number can be obtained from your Program Manager.

When using the inkjet printers, we strongly encourage students to create test strips or hard proofs prior to submitting their final print job. These test strips are free. Students can also use a Soft Proofing station located in the 24-hour lab to preview their print job with our laser and inkjet color profiles on a calibrated monitor.

For faculty teaching a sponsored project course, or any other course that will require large-scale printing, please contact the Imaging Center within the first few weeks of the semester with information on what type and how much printing is needed to complete the project and any major due dates. In order to set up a student print budget, the Imaging Center will need a current class roster.

Black and white copying is available for faculty (self-serve) in the adjunct faculty office space located on the 2nd floor of the Kresge-Ford building, room C205.

For more information, click the “Imaging Center” link within the “Campus Offices” page on Blackboard. The Imaging Center can be also contacted at (313) 664-1507 or by emailing

Wireless Access

CCS provides wireless access throughout the Ford Campus and the Taubman Center. No one should create new wireless access points either through wireless hubs/routers or personal cellular devices. Exception: CCS does not currently provide wireless access in the Art Centre Building. Personal hubs are acceptable there, but care must be taken to configure them correctly. Please contact the technology helpdesk at 313-664-7818 or at with questions.

Building Policies

Art Centre Building (ACB) and Taubman Center (TC)

ACB/TC Residents

Every ACB/TC Resident is required to show their ID when entering the ACB/TC.

Guests of ACB/TC Residents

Guests must have a valid ID (driver’s license) and sign in at the front desk. Residents must either be accompanying the guest or come down to the lobby to escort them into the building.

CCS Employees and Students Visiting Offices

Every CCS community member should present their CCS ID to the front desk receptionist every time they enter the ACB/TC.

Guests/Customers Visiting Offices

Guests/Customers visiting offices in the ACB must be escorted into the ACB by an employee with a valid CCS ID.

Wendell Ford Auditorium

  • No food or beverages are allowed
  • Reservations through the Executive Office are required

ADM Boardroom / Ford Campus

  • Reservations through the Executive Office are required
  • Can be used only for College business
  • Cover tables when serving food (i.e. table cloth, placemats)
  • Use hot mats under heated dishes (available in kitchen)
  • Use coasters on tables under beverages (available in room)
  • Clean up and place tables/chairs in meeting room set-up (see diagram on Blackboard)

Flyers and Other Postings

  • Must be approved for posting
  • Only posted in approved locations
  • Approval is obtained from the Office of Student Affairs
  • An office representative will check the posting, then stamp & date
  • Approved areas: bulletin boards, showcases, fabric walls in buildings
  • All items hung in an inappropriate location (windows, doors, vending machines, clocks, elevators, painted surfaces) or that are not approved for posting will be removed and discarded.

Computer Labs

  • CCS ID must be visible at all times.
  • Treat lab proctors and lab equipment with respect; any failure to do so will result in a loss of lab privileges.
  • Absolutely no food or drinks in the labs. This applies to instructors as well as students.
  • Maintain overall cleanliness.
  • Detrimental use of lab computer equipment, AV lab equipment, or production studio equipment will not be tolerated:
    • Illegal/pirated/pornographic files/software, or programs that allow such material.
    • Pilfering lab hardware/software.
    • Willfully damaging equipment, jamming or ripping out connections.
  • No excessive printing.
  • Questions about using various software applications should be directed to an instructor.
  • Students are solely responsible for backing up their own files.

Photography Labs

Open to photo majors, CE students, and students who have passed the Materials & Processes-Photography course.

Labs are not available for general use during scheduled class times. Check the posted schedule, outside the chairs office, for open lab hours.

A current CCS ID is required to check out equipment. CE students may use a valid drivers license or other official identification to borrow equipment. All borrowed equipment must be returned the same day.

Senior Studios

  • No sofas, lounge chairs, mattresses or oversized chairs are allowed in
  • No sleeping in studios.
  • After 11:00 PM, for safety reasons, you must notify Campus Safety.
  • Must wear CCS ID on outermost garment for identification purposes.
  • No hazardous materials can be stored in studios.

All Shops

(Wood, Metal, Foundry, Model Shop, 3-D Shop, Sculpture, Jewelry, Glass, Ceramics, Weaving, CNC/Milling, Sandblasting)
Two persons in shop at all times.

No working on College holidays.

Mandatory safety glasses to be worn at all times while working in any shops (This is to improve personal safety and maintain within guidelines of MIOSHA). For better hygiene, we suggest purchasing your own pair. Glasses may be purchased at the CCS Bookstore.

Respirators must be used and worn in any of the spray-booths or other marked areas on campus. You must supply your own respirator.

Hours for student access will be posted near the doors before the start of each semester and will reflect hourly changes associated with holidays and breaks.

Shop staff can work the following hours:
Mon. – Fri. 6:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Sat. 6:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Sun. 6:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Work Study students are only allowed to work the following times:
Mon. – Fri. 8:00 AM – 12:00 Midnight
Sat. 9:00 AM – 12:00 Midnight
Sun. 9:00 AM – 12:00 Midnight

Employees must pass test on equipment usage before after-hour access will be granted and their name added to approved list.

Only those employees on approved list are allowed in offices after building hours and for safety reasons they must check in and out with Campus Security.

Violation of policies or department rules will result in losing the privilege of using College equipment and facilities.

Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services provides equipment check-out and support for faculty, staff, and students. In addition, Audio Visual Services manages the reservations for and supports the Stage, Photography studio area and Wendell W. Anderson Jr. Auditorium and supports academic events on campus. The Audio Visual Services Center is located on the first floor of the WBFII Building, room W109. You may contact the Center on the Ford Campus at 313.664.7647.

Through Audio Visual Services, faculty may request equipment such as cameras, projectors, tablets, and DVD/TV carts for class purposes. The Center also has cables and adapters available for loan. All staff/faculty are required to pick up reserved equipment (with the exception of TV carts, which are generally delivered to your class). Equipment is limited, so please submit all audio/visual requests at least two (2) weeks in advance to ensure that the equipment you need is available. Rental is free for faculty and staff; daily rentals are free for students, but students are charged a fee for any equipment returned late. Faculty may also make reservations for using the sound or video editing suites, and the Stages located in the WBFII Building. Reservations can be made in the Audio Visual Services Center or by emailing


  • AVC / Photo equipment checkouts are free for current CCS students, staff, and faculty.
  • Patrons must present a current CCS ID in order to check out equipment. No ID = No Checkout.
  • Equipment can only be checked out in person and only during checkout desk hours. All checkouts are video recorded and monitored.
  • Students may keep equipment for no more than 72 hours for each check out and renew the items up to three times if not reserved.
  • Students can check out equipment over spring break and Thanksgiving break.
  • Students cannot check out equipment between semesters.
  • To ensure student supply, Staff and Faculty can only check out equipment for 24 hours during the active winter and fall semesters.
  • The patron is fully responsible for the care and safeguard of all equipment that they check out.
  • The patron must pay close attention to all items being checked out to them. Read and sign the check out agreement to avoid mistakes.
  • The patron must check for equipment damage before they take it. Test and report any faulty equipment and return it immediately.
  • The centers do not supply AA, AAA, or 9V batteries or media cards. We are not responsible for damage to your card by our equipment.


  • Equipment can be reserved two weeks prior to pick up. Patrons may reserve in person, by phone or email.
  • AVC/ Photo staff is not responsible for miscommunication during phone in reservations or voicemail.
  • A reservation confirmation email will be sent to the patron.
  • Patrons are responsible for ensuring the information is correct on the reservation confirmation email.
  • Reserved equipment will only be held for 30 minutes after your initial reservation. After 30 minutes, equipment not picked up will be available for normal checkout by other patrons.
  • Equipment may be held longer for patrons who call to inform of a late pick up.
  • The patron who reserved the equipment must pick up equipment.
  • Consecutive reservation “No shows” (more than 3 times) may result in the semester suspension of check out privileges.


  • All equipment must be returned on time.
  • All equipment must be returned in the condition in which it was checked out (cords wrapped, cases packed neatly and clean).
  • A $20.00 fee will be charged if AVC/Photo staff has to repack a disheveled equipment case or clean the returned equipment.
  • It is encouraged that the patron stays and observes the AVC/Photo staff while they check in the returned equipment.
  • Someone other than patron who checked the equipment out may return equipment but the patron is still responsible for the condition of the returned equipment and any fees associated with a late return.

Late fees, fines, and suspensions

  • Students, Staff, and Faculty are subject to late fines and replacement fees.
  • Emails are sent by the system to notify the patron of due equipment and overdue equipment (Read your system emails).
  • Late fees begin to accumulate 30 minutes after items become overdue.
  • Overdue fees accrue by the hour, including up to 5 hours after the checkout center closes.
  • Different equipment items have different fine rates. Fines for individual items are calculated independently up to $5.00 per hour.
  • Equipment overdue by more than 24 hours will result in accumulated fines and the suspension of checkout privileges.
    24 hours late = 2 week suspension plus fines
    48 hours late = 3 week suspension plus fines
  • A late return that adversely affects another student’s reservation and project will result in an automatic 4-week suspension.
  • Equipment overdue by 72 hours will result in a replacement fee, and indefinite suspension of check out privileges. Students will have a hold placed on their academic account. Staff’s and Faculty’s superiors will be notified.
  • Equipment overdue by one week will be considered stolen by the patron. A police report and arrest warrant will be issued.
  • Overdue fines may be forgiven due to a patron involved in a automotive accident, injury requiring hospitalization, or death.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment will result in a mandatory, non-negotiable, full replacement or repair charge.
  • An official police report must be submitted for stolen equipment or we will assume that you, the patron, stole the equipment.
  • Consecutive overdue returns and late fees may result in the semester suspension of check out privileges.
  • Threatening or rude conduct toward any AVC/Photo checkout employee will result in the permanent loss of your check out privileges.
  • Fines may be paid with a SmArt card in the AVC or with other forms of currency at the CCS business office.
  • Only the Equipment Checkout supervisor or Manager can override policy terms.


Unauthorized File Sharing

Please review the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 addressing combating the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, particularly by file sharing applications. Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials by any means, including peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject an individual to civil and criminal liabilities in addition to violating CCS internal policies.

Summary of Civil and Criminal Penalties for Violation of Federal Copyright Laws

Acceptable Use of Academic Technologies and Information Technologies Resources

Reason for Policy

College for Creative Studies (“CCS”) maintains extensive Academic Technologies and Information Technologies Resources, including access to the Internet, for its staff, faculty, and students in order to support CCS’ academic mission. Use of CCS’ Technology Resources, including access to the Internet, is a privilege – not a right. This policy shall apply to all staff, faculty, and students who have access privilege through association with CCS. Termination of this privilege, as well as other disciplinary or legal action, may result if this policy is violated or if other improper use is discovered.

Use of CCS’ Technology Resources is provided for academic use and administrative functions directly related to operating CCS. Limited, occasional, non-disruptive, and incidental personal use is permitted, but any use that violates local, state, or national laws, copyright, CCS policy, or is intended for personal profit is prohibited.


Academic Technologies and/or Information Technology Resources includes, but is not limited to, the Internet, electronic mail (“e-mail”), Computer Systems (as defined below), databases, cameras, televisions, video cassette recorders, telephones and all audio, video and data recording and playback systems. Computer System and/or System includes, but is not limited to, computer hardware, disk drives, printers, scanners, software applications, the network (campus and residential) and any and all other associated equipment. A user in any individual who uses, logs in, attempts to use, or attempts to log into a System, whether by direct connection or across one or more networks, or who attempts to connect to or traverse a network, whether via hardware, software, or both.


While the following guidelines cannot cover all situations, they should provide a clear guide to what is and is not acceptable use of CCS Technology Resources; use of such resources constitutes acceptance of this policy. Please direct any questions or clarifications to the Academic Technologies or Information Technologies Departments.

All campus software is maintained and administered by the Academic Technologies or Information Technologies Departments. Without exception, only AT or ITS staff members may install software on any CCS owned System. Any software found in violation of this requirement will be deleted immediately and without advance warning. Repeat violators will be subject to appropriate discipline.

No software copy is to be made by any User without a prior, good faith determination that such copying is in fact permissible.

Users must respect the legal rights provided by copyright, trademark, patent, license, or other legal means to programs, data, photographs, works of art and music, written documents, and any other material.

Using any CCS System in such a way as to deny or restrict access for other Users, either overtly or by consuming excessive bandwidth is prohibited. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications generate excessive bandwidth use and may create legal liability for both the User and CCS due to copyright concerns and, as such, installation and/or use of these types of applications on the System is prohibited.

Tampering with or significantly altering the configuration of any piece of the System is prohibited. This applies to memory settings, network settings, anti-virus settings and the like, but does not include such items as customizing screen resolution or screen savers.

Obtaining unauthorized access to equipment, electronic records and files, or other people’s data is prohibited. This also includes network activities such as packet monitoring or sniffing.

Personal computers and/or networking devices running addressing services such as, but not limited to, DNS, DHCP, BOOTP, and WINS shall not be connected to any CCS network (campus or residential). If such services are detected, the network port(s) in question shall be closed immediately, without notice, until such services can be disabled. Every effort will be made to contact the responsible parties and inform them if this occurs. Personal wireless access points and/or hubs, switches, and routers are strictly prohibited on the main campus network.

Computers may not be simultaneously connected to both the CCS residential network and to the network of another Internet provider (such as Comcast®).

Computing facilities at CCS, including the email system, are to be considered non-secure and do not guarantee privacy. While CCS does not routinely access or monitor electronic communications and makes every effort to respect all User privacy, there are times when it may be necessary to monitor electronic traffic and, therefore, CCS reserves the right to do so.

Users are responsible for making backup copies of their own data. CCS is not responsible for the loss of any User data stored on any Computer System.

Users must take precautions to ensure the privacy of their access and that of others. This includes, but is not limited to, not sharing their user account or password with others, logging out when leaving a computer station, making use of a non-obvious/hard to guess password and keeping it secure, and immediately logging out if they come across a computer station that has been left logged in.

Users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to another person or entity or develop or retain programs for that purpose, without the authorization of the information owner or the AT or IT Departments.

Users shall not intentionally harass other persons, whether on the CCS campus or elsewhere, or develop or retain programs that serve the same purpose.

All Users must respect the integrity of computer systems and networks, both on the CCS campus and at all sites reachable by CCS’ network connections.

Users shall not by any means attempt to infiltrate (e.g. gain access without proper authorization) a computing system or network, either on the CCS campus or elsewhere.

Users shall not attempt to alter, without proper authorization from the AT or IT Departments, either the hardware or the software components of a Computer System, either on the CCS campus or elsewhere.

Users shall not damage or attempt to damage the hardware or the software of the System.

Any use of the Internet from CCS is also subject to Merit’s Acceptable Use Policy.

In cases of doubt, Users bear the burden of responsibility to inquire concerning the permissibility of Academic Technology or Information Technology uses prior to execution. Such inquiries shall be directed to the AT or ITS Departments.

Consequences for Illegal and/or Inappropriate Use

The use of CCS’ Technology Resources for illegal or inappropriate use or in support of such activity is strictly prohibited. Illegal activity is defined as any activity that violates federal, state, or local law and regulations.

Inappropriate activity is defined as any activity that violates this policy, violates the spirit of this policy, or violates the intended use of the Technology Resources. Violators of this Policy will be subject to the appropriate CCS discipline procedure. Sanctions may include warnings; loss of computing, network, and/or lab privileges; suspension; expulsion; termination of employment; and/or legal action. Any action taken by CCS may be done without notice to the User that engaged in the prohibited activity. All Users of CCS’ Technology Resources shall be responsible for damages to the Computer System, equipment and software resulting from deliberate or willful acts. Illegal use of the network, intentional deletion or damage of files or data belonging to others, patent, trademark, and copyright violations, or theft of services will be reported to the appropriate internal or external authorities for sanctions and/or possible prosecution.

Rights and Responsibilities of CCS

CCS reserves the right to monitor any and all activity involving the Technology Resources including, but not limited to, searching data or e-mail stored on all CCS owned Technology Resources at any time and for any reason. As such, Users of the Technology Resources have no right of privacy in such data. CCS reserves the right to terminate or modify, in full or in part, the Technology Resources offered. CCS further reserves the right to terminate the privilege of any User to access the Computer System on its own authority.


CCS makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the Technology Resources it is providing. CCS shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by a User of the Technology Resources, including loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions. CCS does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or quality of information obtained via the Internet or electronic mail.

In no event shall CCS be liable for any damages (whether direct, indirect, special or consequential) arising out of the use of the Internet, accuracy or correctness of databases or information contained herein, or related directly or indirectly to any failure or delay of access to the Internet or other network application.