Faculty & Staff

The Imaging Center will accept staff and faculty print jobs through the department print request form. If color prints or posters are being charged to a department, an 8-digit budget code number is required in order for the job to be processed. The appropriate account number can be obtained from your Program Manager.

Price Quotes

IC Techs will send you a print estimate when a print job is submitted via CCS email during our business hours. You will have the opportunity to approve the estimate and your job will be processed. If you submit a job outside of those hours, expect an estimate to be sent within one hour of opening the following business day.  

If you do not receive an estimate or price quote, please let us know. It is highly recommended that you calculate your own job cost prior to coming into the Imaging Center. 

Turnaround Times

Your print job will be completed in the order it was received. The standard turnaround time for the laser printers is 1 full business day. The standard turnaround time for the inkjet printers is 2 full business days. There are no “Rush” options currently. Please be aware that during midterms and finals, turnaround times can increase up to 2-3 business days. It is likely that your department request will be complete before this time. 

You will be notified via your CCS email when your job has been completed. 

Special Projects

We will work to the best of our ability in the Imaging Center to meet your special print and paper requests. Please contact Michelle Peck to talk about the logistics, such as scheduling needs or paper requests.

Sponsored Studios

For faculty teaching a sponsored project course, or any other course that will require large-scale printing, please contact Michelle Peck in the Imaging Center within the first few weeks of the semester with information on what type and how much printing is needed to complete the project and any major due dates.

In order to set up a student print budget, the Imaging Center will need a current class roster and budget authorization from the Office of Partnerships. 

More information on sponsored studio policies can be found HERE.

Personal Projects

Faculty & staff are welcome to print personal projects in the Imaging Center. The IC does reserve the right to extend the turnaround time for staff and faculty personal print jobs in order to complete the student and/or department workload.

Target Birds

Reprint Policy

Print jobs must be paid for in their entirety upon pickup. Students must accept all liability with the set-up of their files prior to submitting the print job. This includes all spelling and layout issues.  

Occasionally reprints may be warranted due to printer malfunction or an IC technician’s error. Reprints must be requested before leaving the IC. The student may be asked to fill out a Reprint Request Form if a manager is not available to approve a reprint. Reprints must be approved by a manager.

If the issue can be immediately resolved, the IC will take the defective print and reprint the file in question without delay. The student will be responsible for paying the full price of the print job. If the issue requires printer maintenance or service, the student will be asked to leave the defective print with their completed form, and the IC will reprint the file once the service is complete, which may take several days.

The IC does understand that a student may need to take a defective print to show an instructor that the work was completed. In such cases, the defective print must be returned to the IC within 2 business days of the form being completed so that the printing issue can be addressed. Students are required to exchange the defective print in order to obtain a reprint or, if appropriate, another form of resolution. 

If the defective print is sufficient, the student may choose to purchase it at 50% off the full price. 

If the student wishes to keep the defective print in addition to receiving a reprint, it is their responsibility to cover the full price of the reprint and 50% of the defective print.

In the case of reprints, no changes to the original file will be allowed. The reprint will follow the original print specifications.

The Imaging Center rarely accepts claims of defective prints once they have left the IC. 

However, if a printer-specific defect (example: wrong image size, printer smudge, ink splotch) is discovered after leaving the IC, bring the print back immediately. Students have three (3) business days to return the defective print. If a defective print is reported more than three (3) business days after picking up the job, IC management will not consider a reprint or credit. 

This reprint policy does not apply to prints that are already mounted or framed. 

Once the print leaves the Imaging Center, complaints regarding fingerprint marks, scratches, or paper dents will not be considered.

Refunds are not an option except where a reprint is not possible. 

File Preparation

Print Ready

The Imaging Center will not resize, crop, or alter your file in any way. All files must come in ready for print. All files are printed at their “actual size”.

Recommended File Types

In order to guarantee that you have the best print quality possible, we ask that you save your file in one of the following file formats:

  • Photoshop Files: high resolution .jpg
  • PDF: flattened .pdf (X-1a or X-4) – Combine multiple like-sized PDF files into a single PDF. 

Note: The Imaging Center does not accept Illustrator, InDesign, or Microsoft Office files.  

Printer Resolution

It is often assumed that the higher the printer resolution, the better the prints will look. Remember, the final print quality actually involves various factors such as: how the image was captured, and processed, as well as, what printer the image was printed on, (which includes age & condition of the print heads), the version of print driver/RIP, inks, media, and the viewing distance. 

  • The maximum resolution that our printers reproduce is 360 PPI. 
  • The minimum resolution we recommend is 180 PPI (however, depending on the viewing distance and application, less resolution can work.) 

Storage Device Information

The IC only accepts files via our online submission site. Though there may be instances where you will have to submit a file on a USB drive.

The IC is not responsible for the loss or damage of storage devices after leaving the premises. All files to be printed must be located in a Print Me folder on your USB drive. 

Monitor Calibration

The monitors in the IC are calibrated on a weekly basis. We use X-Rite i1Profiler software and hardware to calibrate our monitors. To simulate daylight and the IC paper selection, the color temperature of our monitors is calibrated to 6500 degrees Kelvin. 

Remember the range of reproducible colors available for a printed-out photographic image will always be smaller than the range that can be displayed on a monitor. 

Color Space

The IC works in both an Adobe RGB 1998 and U.S. Web Coated CMYK (SWOP) v2 color space. 

The Imaging Center will not color correct your file. If color accuracy is important, we highly recommend that you first print a test strip or sample page.

File Submission

Submitting Print Jobs

All print jobs must be submitted online.

To submit, visit > https://campus.collegeforcreativestudies.edu/imaging-center/lets-print/
You can also access our forms via the main access page when you log in to your email!

You must sign in using your CCS credentials. Once a job has been submitted, it will be put into the queue.

Imaging Center staff reviews submitted work during regular business hours. If you submit your files outside of these times, please be aware that your file will not be reviewed until 8:00 am the following business day. If you submit a request over the weekend, please keep in mind that the earliest you are able to pick up completed work will be 4:00 pm on Monday. 

IC staff will contact you via email to give you a price quote and an estimated time of completion. 

Order Changes

If an order is canceled or changed while the print job is being processed or after the job has already finished, you will be charged for the completed print output.

If an order has not been printed, the IC can accept an updated file. Any changes in your order will restart the turnaround times. In some instances, you may be asked to start the submission process over and complete a new form. 

All questions should be directed to IC staff at ic@collegeforcreativestudies.edu

Calendly Appointments

To make appointments (digital or in-person), visit https://calendly.com/ccs_ic.

  • IC Print Pickup (in person): Appointments are highly recommended! By scheduling an appointment for pickup, our staff will be better prepared for your arrival. Staff can review your finished prints before you arrive and ensure that all pages and prints are correct and accounted for.
  • IC Consultation(s): If you need further assistance, our IC staff are on hand to provide zoom or in-person consultations to assist with proper file setup or give advice on any projects you may be working on while off (or on) campus. 

Please be sure to check the Calendly site often as appointments will be added periodically.

General Turnaround Times

Completed Print Jobs

All print jobs must be picked up and paid for within 3 weeks of the drop-off date. If completed work is not picked up, a hold will be placed on your account for the cost of the print job. 

The IC is not responsible for the loss or damage of prints left longer than 3 weeks.  

Students will have the option to pick up prints by 1) scheduling an appointment via Calendly to pick up in person OR 2) digital locker (with a one-time set code). Curbside Pickup is also available by request and will be granted based upon staff availability.

All laser, binding, risograph, and small inkjet prints are packaged in brown flat merchandise bags. Any wide-format plotter or inkjet prints will be rolled up, inside out in a thin plastic bag. 

Students will be notified via CCS email once a job is completed. 

CMYK printing (a fun GIF)

Sponsored Studios

Students enrolled in a class with a sponsored studio have funds allotted to them at the start of the semester. Once the IC receives a class roster and information on what type of printing the project will entail, the budget will be open for eligible students to use.

All printing will be submitted by the student through the IC regular print forms.

A student involved in a sponsored studio that has funds available can utilize the Imaging Center and print without having to pay out of pocket. IC management keeps a running tally of each student’s spending and reports it back to the department and the Office of Partnerships. Any remaining cost over the budgeted amount is the student’s responsibility.

Print jobs using sponsored project money must be used for sponsored project content only. Any unusual spending will be reported directly to the instructor and department chair.

Print Submission Process

Students are responsible for submitting their files via our print request forms found on our Let’s Print site. Students will be responsible for trimming and pinning up boards before the presentation.

The Imaging Center does not offer any type of mounting services.

Final Presentation Printing Details

Notable Dates

Budgets open for process work (unless otherwise specified) after the Drop/Add deadline (generally Week FOUR of the semester).

Paper type & print specifications are determined by the instructor and are due to IC Management four weeks from the semester end.

Individual projects will have individual deadlines and will be determined by week seven.

File Specifications

  • File Type | high-resolution JPG or flattened PDF 
  • File Name | ccsusername_sponsored_printdimensions (ex. mpeck_gm_35x120.jpg)
  • File Size | 300MB or less 
  • Resolution | minimum of 150ppi and a maximum of 300ppi
  • Paper Types | Instructors are responsible for reviewing student files & selecting the paper type.

Important Information for Final Presentations

Correct files turned in on time will be printed and guaranteed for pick-up by the date and time listed on the Fall 2022 Sponsored Project Printing Schedule.

If a submitted file is not ready for print or not saved in the correct format, it will be returned to the student to fix. Late files or files that need correction are not guaranteed to be completed before the due date and will be put into the standard queue. If a file is returned to a student to fix, an email will go to both the student and the instructor with details on resubmission.

If the student exceeds the budgeted amount, IC Management will email the student and copy the instructor to give the student the option of printing on the draft-quality printer at a lower cost.

Print Pickup for Final Presentations

Students will be notified by CCS email when their print has been completed.

Students will be given a link to schedule an appointment to pick up in person or via the locker system on the 2nd floor of the Taubman. 

finals printing
Finals Week – Fall 2019

Sponsored Studio | Inkjet Printer Options

length x width / 144 x $ = cost of print

The chart above shows examples of common file sizes and pricing info
The Imaging Center has an Epson T5270d plotter & Epson T7270d plotter – draft quality inkjet
  • This plotter prints draft quality or proof-of-concept images.
  • Files must be saved at 43.76” wide or less in order to be accepted for print. 
  • The paper type will be either 45” Bond or Satin. Paper is selected by the instructor. 
  • Prints are charged at $3.00/sq. ft.
The Imaging Center has two Epson 9900 printers – high-quality inkjet
  • Files must be saved at 43.76” wide or less in order to be accepted for print. 
  • The paper type will be either Enhanced Matte or Premium Luster. Paper is selected by the instructor. 
  • Prints are charged at $6.00/sq. ft.
Important Printing Information To Note: 
  • If the student has a 70” wide board, they will need to separate this into two separate files. It is recommended that they split the image in half. They would be submitting two files at 35” wide. Please encourage a slight overlap in the instance that they mess up while trimming. 
  • It is recommended that prints longer than 120” long be reduced in size or split into multiple prints. With longer prints, there is more risk for print heads to become clogged, paper to run out, or other miscellaneous issues to occur. When this happens, the print must be restarted from the beginning causing paper waste and longer than normal turnaround times. 
  • Files are printed in the center of the paper roll.
  • The printers do not print to the edge. There will be a small white border. Images will need to be trimmed out by the student.
rolled up plotter prints
Rolled up sponsored project prints from Fall 2019