Quick Tips

Need more help preparing your file for printing?
Look no further! IC staff have created some quick tips to help you!

Quick Tip #3

PDF Export Preset & Settings  PDF documents can be exported using many different settings depending on the desired output destination (print, web, wor
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Test Strip Package

The Imaging Center offers a FREE test strip package for our inkjet printers. This includes the Plotter/Graphic Inkjet printer and our Desktop and Wide
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Saddle-Stitch Booklets

Stuff You Should Know A saddle-stitched bind is among the cheapest and most common methods of bookbinding. Folded sheets are nested by the printer, on
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Bringing Your Own Paper

General Information The Imaging Center accepts student-supplied paper to be printed on our Canon 810/910 laser printer. All paper must be for LASER pr
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Quick Tip #2

What is a Bleed?  A bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming. It is the portion of the background that will be trimmed
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Quick Tip #1

To streamline the printing process, please combine multiple like-sized PDF (or .jpg) files into one single PDF file.  Option 1 File > Create > Combine
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