Form – Inkjet Printing

Print Ready: The Imaging Center does not alter your file in any way. All files must come in ready for print. The IC always prints ‘actual size’.

File Type: high resolution .jpg OR flattened PDF file (combine multiple like-sized files into a single PDF file). 

Color Space: The IC works in both an Adobe RGB & U.S. Web Coated CMYK (SWOP) v.2 color space. We do not work in any other color profile and will convert your profile as necessary.

Turnaround Times: Your print job will be completed in the order it was received. The standard turnaround time for the inkjet printers is 2 full business days. This does not include weekends or holidays. At this time, there are no “Rush” options available. Please be aware that during midterms and finals, turnaround times can increase up to 3-4 business days. 

If you would like to do a test strip, please select the “Please print a test strip” option“. Test strips can take up to 1 business day. Once you are satisfied and “approve” your print, you may then submit the final order for the full-sized image. Remember to save your test strip file in the same exact way as your final image (.jpg test strip for a .jpg final print OR a .pdf test strip file for a .pdf final print).

You will be notified via your CCS email when your job has been completed. 

Pricing & Math Formulas: All inkjet prints are charged by the image size. The IC prints all inkjet files in the center of the paper roll.

To figure out the pricing, follow this formula:
Length x Width / 144 x $xx.00 = price before tax

Square Footage Calculator

Epson P5000 Price Chart
Epson P5000 Pricing
Epson 9900 Price Chart
Epson 9000 Pricing

Paper Resource List: Check out our permanent & rotating paper list HERE

More Information: For further information on file set up and Imaging Center policies and procedures, please review The Imaging Center Main Guide. For more information on inkjet printing, please click HERE!

Need Extra Help: Set up a 10-minute Google Hangouts or Zoom consultation with Imaging Center staff. We’ll even use a funny face filter. To schedule an appointment, visit our Calendly site: 

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