Imaging Center | General Information

Students must submit files to the IC that are print-ready via the online print request forms found to the right. At this time, students will no longer be able to drop off files in person or on a USB drive. 

All print & binding jobs must be picked up from the IC by appointment. Students and faculty can make an appointment on our Calendly site.

Methods of Payment

Cash / Credit Card

Students can choose to be invoiced directly from our Square Retail register. You will have to pay for prints prior to picking them up. There is a $10.00 minimum required for advance payment. The IC does not accept personal checks.

Price Quotes

IC Techs will send you a print estimate when a print job is submitted via CCS email during our business hours. You will have the opportunity to approve the estimate and your job will be processed. If you submit a job outside of those hours, expect an estimate to be sent within one hour of opening the following business day.  

If you do not receive an estimate or price quote, please let us know. It is highly recommended that you calculate your own job cost prior to coming into the Imaging Center. 

Staff Welcoming Customers
Michelle, Marie, and Mariana welcome you to the IC | Fall 2021

IC Pricing Guide 2023-24

To submit a print, please visit our Let’s Print site by clicking HERE.

Color Systems & Color Spaces

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Faculty & Staff

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Favorite Printing Resources

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File Preparation

Print Ready The Imaging Center will not resize, crop, or alter your file in any way. All files must come in ready for print.
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File Submission

Submitting Print Jobs All print jobs must be submitted online. To submit, visit > https://campus.collegeforcreativestudies.ed
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Having Trouble Uploading?

The upload limit is 96MB on all of our forms. Try some of these helpful tips and tricks to get your file prepared to upload.
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Reprint Policy

Print jobs must be paid for in their entirety upon pickup. Students must accept all liability with the set-up of their files
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Sponsored Studios

Students enrolled in a class with a sponsored studio have funds allotted to them at the start of the semester. Once the IC re
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