File Submission

Submitting Print Jobs

All print jobs must be submitted online.

To submit, visit >
You can also access our forms via the main access page when you log in to your email!

You must sign in using your CCS credentials. Once a job has been submitted, it will be put into the queue.

Imaging Center staff reviews submitted work during regular business hours. If you submit your files outside of these times, please be aware that your file will not be reviewed until 8:00 am the following business day. If you submit a request over the weekend, please keep in mind that the earliest you are able to pick up completed work will be 4:00 pm on Monday. 

IC staff will contact you via email to give you a price quote and an estimated time of completion. 

Order Changes

If an order is canceled or changed while the print job is being processed or after the job has already finished, you will be charged for the completed print output.

If an order has not been printed, the IC can accept an updated file. Any changes in your order will restart the turnaround times. In some instances, you may be asked to start the submission process over and complete a new form. 

All questions should be directed to IC staff at

Calendly Appointments

To make appointments (digital or in-person), visit

  • IC Print Pickup (in person): Appointments are highly recommended! By scheduling an appointment for pickup, our staff will be better prepared for your arrival. Staff can review your finished prints before you arrive and ensure that all pages and prints are correct and accounted for.
  • IC Consultation(s): If you need further assistance, our IC staff are on hand to provide zoom or in-person consultations to assist with proper file setup or give advice on any projects you may be working on while off (or on) campus. 

Please be sure to check the Calendly site often as appointments will be added periodically.

General Turnaround Times

Completed Print Jobs

All print jobs must be picked up and paid for within 3 weeks of the drop-off date. If completed work is not picked up, a hold will be placed on your account for the cost of the print job. 

The IC is not responsible for the loss or damage of prints left longer than 3 weeks.  

Students will have the option to pick up prints by 1) scheduling an appointment via Calendly to pick up in person OR 2) digital locker (with a one-time set code). Curbside Pickup is also available by request and will be granted based upon staff availability.

All laser, binding, risograph, and small inkjet prints are packaged in brown flat merchandise bags. Any wide-format plotter or inkjet prints will be rolled up, inside out in a thin plastic bag. 

Students will be notified via CCS email once a job is completed. 

CMYK printing (a fun GIF)