Form – Perfect Binding

This form is for perfect binding. If you are trying to print on IC media and then bind with a plastic coil or wire, you will fill out the laser printing form which can be found HERE

Turnaround Times: The standard turnaround time for a perfect-bound proof copy or final book is 8 business days, not including weekends. This does not include weekends. 

We highly recommend getting a proof copy of your book. Proof copies are printed on the papers that you have selected at the sizes you submit. If you are supplying your own media, make sure to supply the IC enough paper for the proof & final copies. If you pay for a full-price proof copy, your first final copy will be 1/2 price. Proofs are labeled with a removable bookmark. The bookmark will have a qr code that links to the “Proof Approval” form.

The perfect binding process at the Imaging Center is done all by hand and takes a considerable amount of production time which pulls trained staff & management away from their other duties. For this reason, the IC does reserve the right to deny certain amounts of perfect binding requests. We may recommend other options for booklet binding (saddle-stitch or wire/plastic coil)

More Information: For further information on file set up and Imaging Center policies and procedures, please review The Imaging Center Main Guide. For more information on preparing your file(s) for perfect binding, please click HERE.

Need Extra Help: Schedule a 10-minute Zoom consultation with IC staff by visiting our Calendly.

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