Tiled print requests must be submitted to the Imaging Center as a high-resolution .jpg file. 

By default, the IC will print all tile jobs using the following specifications:

  • 12” x 18” Card Stock
  • Tile Scale 100%
  • 0.125” Overlap
  • Cut marks & Labels
  • Auto Rotate (in the Page Setup menu)

When tiling, the laser printer does have a slight but noticeable color shift. The Canon Fiery RIP processes each page of the tiled job as a separate page. Since each page has a different color composition, the RIP processes it as such.

Extremely large file sizes may not process correctly. For example, a .psb file is not meant for digital output and does not work with our Canon Fiery RIP software. The .psb file must be converted to a .tiff and then to a .jpg file. 

The IC cannot print an individual page out of the tile job. For example, if the tiled print is 24 pages, there is no way to print pages 1-4 again. The entire print job must be submitted. The student would then be held responsible for the entire cost of the tile job.