Copier & Scanner Functions

General Information

All copy and scan requests must be submitted in hard copy form. The Imaging Center will not copy from books, magazines, or other published materials due to copyright reasons.

Original copies should neatly be assembled in the correct order with no tears or damaged pages. Staples or tape should be removed prior to submitting copy/scan requests.

The IC can make high-quality scans up to 11” × 17” from an original document and send them directly to your CCS email. Scanning Request forms can be requested from an IC Tech.

The Canon 750/850 can attach your document as a PDF or JPG. If your scan is larger than 10mb, it will automatically break up the file into several attachments. The IC will scan your document at the standard resolution (300 × 300).

Standard turnaround time for the scanning process is between 1-2 hours. Please be aware during midterms and finals, turnaround times will increase up to 24 hours.

The Canon 750/850 has the ability to corner staple and double staple.

Scan-to-Email Pricing

The cost to scan documents to email is $0.05/sheet. Make sure that you know the actual page count prior to submitting the scan job. If interested, please see an IC technician for details.