Business Cards

The Imaging Center can “impose” or “gang up” certain files via our Canon’s Fiery Imposition software. The IC will impose business cards, take-aways, postcards, resumes, etc.

When submitting your files via the web form, please indicate how many total takeaways you would like in the Additional Comments section. For example 100 total postcards. The Imaging Center can then “impose” on the least amount of pages to save the student money. When printing 5” × 7” sized postcards, the IC can fit qty: 100 onto 25 sheets of 12” × 18” paper (4 postcards to a sheet).

For best results, please submit your business card or takeaway with a 1/8” (0.125”) bleed.

The Canon 750/850 has an overlap of between 1mm (0.04”) and 4mm (.16). This means that all double-sided prints will not line up perfectly; they will be off-center by up to 4mm (0.16”).

An example of how standard-sized business cards are laid out using our printer software. 

By default, the IC prints all take-aways with a 1/8” (0.125”) gutter (white space in between each card) and crop marks on the front side of the page only.

The Imaging Center can stack cut some “imposed” work but we cannot cut business cards at this time.

Rotary trimmers are provided in the Taubman 24-hour lab for students to trim business cards. Though, an exact-o knife, a ruler, and a steady hand are the best way to trim business cards.


If you prefer to download a template for your business cards, you can access our templates by clicking HERE.