Color Management | An Introduction

The print process starts as soon as you create a file. It is a good idea to set your color preferences before starting to work. A color space is a range of possible colors.

The IC works in both an Adobe RGB 1998 and U.S. Web Coated CMYK (SWOP) v2 color space.   

What is a Color Space?

rgb vs cmyk vs prophoto

color space in general is a set of colors that has been defined in some way. Typically they are colors that a given device is able to display or print.

The set of all the colors that can be found in a given color space is called its gamut. If a color is outside of this range and thus for example cannot be displayed or printed, we say it is out of the gamut

How to Change your Color Settings

Photoshop - Color Management | Prepress 2
How to Change your Color Settings in Photoshop

Edit menu > Color Settings 
Settings > North America Prepress 2

Do not change the color space by toggling between RGB and CMYK via Image menu > Mode. You will lose critical pixel data by using this method.

Adobe Bridge: North American Prepress 2
How to Change your Color Settings in Adobe Bridge

It’s good practice to synchronize your color settings in Adobe Bridge.

With Bridge open, do the following:

Edit menu > Color Settings 
North America Prepress 2 > Apply

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