Risograph Studio

Location & Hours of Operation

Located in the CCS Imaging Center
6th floor, Taubman Building

Riso Studio Hours
Monday – Thursday // 8:30am – 6:30pm
Friday // 8:30am – 3:00pm
Saturday – Sunday // Closed
The Riso Studio is also closed during finals & school breaks

Busy periods are October (before the Detroit Art Book Fair and the Ann Arbor Wayzgoose), after Thanksgiving, before Noel Night, the last month of any semester, and Fridays.

Reservations can be made HERE
Contact us with questions HERE

Risograph Training

Introduction Training

  • Students must complete training in order to reserve the room. This consists of a three-week training workshop (6 hours in total). Students learn how to care for the machine, change the drums, print “off-the-glass” and prepare a digital file. Students are required to attend all three sessions.
  • Make-up session requests will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • This semester, workshops are taking place from September 20 – October 8, 2021!

All mandatory training sessions must be completed by October 15.

  • This includes make-up sessions.
  • All refresher and intro training sessions are free of charge.

Returnee Training (optional)

  • Trained returnees can sign up for a 1-hour refresher session at the beginning of the school year or at any point during the semester with a Riso tutor or IC staff.

Independent Printing Sessions

Reserving the Riso Studio

  • All reservations must be made via the Imaging Center Calendly.
  • Reservations can only be made by students who have completed their Risograph training.
  • There will be an opportunity for you to purchase French paper at a discounted rate when you make your reservation.
  • For big runs, we encourage students to purchase their own paper. French is a great resource but often regular construction paper purchased from Staples or Amazon is a great alternative.

At the Beginning of your Riso Session

  • Check-in at the front of the Imaging Center.
  • If you requested French paper when making your reservation, it will be prepared and waiting for you in the Riso Studio.
  • If you ask for additional French paper in the middle of your session, we may or may not be able to accommodate, so try to predict how much you will need before you start.
  • A current list of our French papers can be found HERE.

During your Riso Session

  • Studio rental includes individual access to the studio, inks, and proofing paper.
  • If you listen to music, wear headphones.
  • If you need help loading the drums, changing ink, or emptying the master disposal box, please ask for help from a Riso tutor or IC staff.
  • If you need a new master roll installed, ask Rachel, Michelle, or a Riso tutor (if available) for help.
  • For troubleshooting with the machine, please ask Rachel, Michelle, or a Riso tutor (if available) for help. Let us know when you first start having issues.
  • For file prep issues, please ask the Riso tutor or IC staff. You can make an appointment with a Riso tutor or Riso consultation on Calendly.
  • Leave prints on the drying rack with the corners tucked in. If you are planning on running another color at a later date, please clip a note to the drying rack using a pink form.
  • Prints on the drying rack may be left for up to a week. If someone else needs the space, or it has been more than a week, we may move your prints to the Imaging Center.
  • If you are missing prints off of the drying racks, check at the pick-up counter in the IC.

At the End of your Riso Session

  • Turn off the printer. If the printer is asleep, wake it up before you turn the machine off.
  • You can leave your prints to dry on the drying racks. (Corners tucked underneath the bar, to keep them from falling off.)
  • Take any instruction handouts with you that you would like, or put them back in the rack.
  • Please leave the Riso books on their magazine rack.
  • We cannot store paper, backpacks, boxes, or any other items in the Riso room, so please take them with you.
  • Pay for your session or any French paper at the cash register. The IC accepts cash, credit card, or CCS Flex.
  • Clean up any excess paper or collage clippings around the Riso room.

Renting the Riso Studio

Rental Fees

  • Students are charged for time in the Riso room, rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.
  • If you are working with a Riso tutor in a planning capacity, rather than printing, you will not be charged.
  • Student rental is $10/hour up to $200 per semester. Once you have paid for 20 hours, you will not be charged for the remainder of the semester.
  • If you are working with another Riso member in the room, you will not be “double-charged”. Either member may pay for the room, or you can split the cost between you at the register. If no payment is made, the person who makes the reservation is responsible for payment.
  • IC Management will keep a running tally of hours spent in the Riso Studio.

Late / No Show Policy

  • Your reservation will be held for 20 minutes, after which the Riso room will be made available for other students.
  • Please call the Imaging Center if you are running late or if you need to cancel at 313-664-1507.
  • Three “no shows” will result in a suspension of Riso room privileges

Riso Tutors

Booking time with the Riso Tutors

  • The IC Riso Tutor oversees students making work on the Risograph in the Riso Studio. The tutor will guide students through project management, file preparation, and the operation of the machine. The Riso Tutor will not print your project for you.
  • Students can book an appointment with a Riso Tutor on Calendly.
  • Booking with a Riso Tutor automatically books the room for that time.
  • Riso Tutors are a free service unless you use the machine, in which case you will be charged the normal hours rate ($10/hour) for use of the Riso printer.

F. A. Q.

Can a non-trained friend be in the Riso Studio?
Yes, but you need to let us know at check-in. Please include their names on your Calendly form. A non-trained friend cannot touch the machine – this includes changing the drums!

If two Riso-trained people schedule time & print together, will they be “double charged”?
No, you are paying for use of one machine and one room. The rate remains the same whether or not you are printing as an individual, or as a pair, or as a group.

The time spent also will be split on the 20-hour benchmark as well. For example, each trained person would receive one half-hour towards their completed 20 hours.

Online Resources

Stencil wiki | stencil.wiki/

Run by Issue Press, this site has lots of tutorials and an interactive map locating Risograph studios across the globe.

YouTube channel | Oliva and Pindot

Pindot press makes helpful videos that cover file setup and how a Riso differs from other printers and the general use of the machine.

YouTube channel | Risolve Studio

Risolve Studio makes helpful tutorials that cover file setup, particularly in Photoshop.

Risograph Printer Outline: Rachel DeBoard // Risograph Doodles: Lilia Neill

Risograph Workshops

Riso Training in Fall 2023
Want to learn more about Riso printing?
Apply for a 3-week Intro to Riso workshop series.

The Intro to Riso workshop series will run for 2 hours, once a week, for 3 weeks beginning in September 2022. Learn to print off-the-glass, the basics of color separations, and Riso file prep.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to rent time on the Riso for $10/hour up to $200/semester. Once you have paid for 20 hours, you will not be charged for the remainder of the semester. Studio rental includes individual access to the studio, inks, and proofing paper. As a Riso Room member, you will have access for the full school year.

Availability is limited! We try to accommodate as many students as possible. Selection is based on graduation year, scheduling, and first come, first serve.

Open House Event – Pop-up Print Day
Thursday, 9/22
12pm – 1pm in the IC Riso Room!

Please note:
If you are not able to go through training this year, you are still welcome to attend pop-up Riso events, Riso-related club events, one-day mini-workshops, and submit Riso jobs to the IC online, with or without Riso basic training. We also do zoom consultation if you would like help setting up your file for service printing.

Basic Training Overview

Week 1 | October 2-6
Printing “off-the-glass” | Riso Room overview | 2 hours

Week 2 | October 9-13
Digital File Prep via Photoshop | 2 hours

Week 3 | October 16-20
Printing day with creative mini-workshop options | 2 hours

Risograph Printer Outline: Rachel DeBoard // Risograph Doodles: Lilia Neill