Epson 9900

Wide-format inkjet printing offers unmatched resolution, color accuracy, archival properties, and larger media sizes. Inkjet printing is used for high-quality posters, photography, oversize book covers, or anything else where the highest quality or largest print sizes are needed. Inkjet printers are used for low-volume quantity print runs since they can get expensive. 

Currently, the IC has an Epson 9900 printer and an Epson P9570 printer. Both of which can print up to 43.75” wide (44” paper). This is a great option for high-quality, archival, or exhibition-style work.

At this time, the Imaging Center only runs Epson media on our inkjet printers. 

Turnaround Times

Your print job will be completed in the order it was received. 

The standard turnaround time for the inkjet printers is approximately 1-3 full business days. This does not include weekends or holidays.

At this time, there are no “Rush” options available. Please be aware that during midterms and finals, turnaround times can increase up to 2-3 business days. 

If you would like to do a test strip, please select the “Please print a test strip” option. Test strips can take up to 1 business day. Once you are satisfied and “approve” your print, you may then submit the final order for the full-sized image. Information on test strips can be found HERE.

You will be notified via your CCS email when your job has been completed.