Accounts Receivable

Student Accounts

Each semester students register for the following semester’s courses. Students can not have any financial or departmental holds on their account. New students are required to pay an enrollment deposit of $250 after admission into the college. Current students do not have to pay a registration fee and may register online using WebAdvisor or in person at Academic Advising & Registration.

Tuition bills are usually mailed after the majority of financial aid (grants, scholarships and loans) is applied to the students’ accounts. A late fee of $25.00 is charged for late payments and a $75 delinquency fee will be charged if the entire balance isn’t paid in full by a certain time. The due dates are published on Blackboard.

Community and Continuing Studies courses must be paid in full at the time of registration.


Faculty and staff may charge supplies to their department’s budget. The Bookstore should be made aware of authorized signers. When the supplies are purchased, the staff or faculty member is given an itemized receipt. The supplies will then be tallied and charged to the budget center monthly. Collections

Students who have an outstanding balance with CCS are not allowed to register for classes, receive their grades or transcripts until their outstanding balance is paid in full. If the balance is more than 2 semesters
overdue, the account is turned over to a collection agency.

CCS Employee Tuition Vouchers

If a CCS employee enrolls for a Continuing Studies course, a CCS tuition voucher form must be completed. Eligibility and details of the voucher program are available from the Human Resources Office. The voucher does not cover fees (i.e. enrollment fee, registration fees, lab, and material fees, activity fees, etc) These fees MUST be paid in full the day the employee registers for courses.