New Vendor Procedures

All New Vendors must be preapproved through our office before you are permitted to work with them. Here is a quick timeline of what should happen during the New Vendor Process:

  1. Fill out a New Vendor Approval Form (NVF) and submit it to Business Services. 
  2.  Ask the vendor you are wanting to work with to submit a W9 or W8 (If Vendor is not a US Citizen) and an ACH Authorization Form. This is the responsibility of the department who is working with the vendor. Business Services will not request this information from the vendors directly. Please note: You should send the W9 and/or the ACH Authorization Form directly to your vendor to complete.
  3. Once Business Services has received the NVF, W9 and ACH forms, we will be able to review the information and come to a decision. Please plan ahead by at least 2 weeks to allow ample time for processing. 
  4. You will receive an email from Juan Vicente or Heather Good stating you are approved/not approved to use the vendor. If they are not approved, we will give you any information we can on why. However, sometimes the reasoning is something we will be unable to share (IRS isn’t able to confirm the information on the W9, legal reasons, etc). 
  5. You can then start working with the Vendor if you received approval from us and you can also then submit the Purchase/Payment requisition to our office. 
  6. We have also created a new ACH Change Form for Vendors to complete if they have new banking information to share.

**If any of the steps above are not followed in order, it will delay the process of approving your vendor. Please be sure to follow the steps as outlined above.**

Please remember we are no longer able to provide a link to these forms on our office page.
Contact for access to the NVF, W9, and ACH forms.

    Corporate Credit Card Instructions

    MasterCard credit cards are available and provided to employees for the purpose of charging legitimate travel and entertainment expenses to the College. Cardholders should not use corporate credit cards to circumvent the Colleges purchasing function by charging for other than approved travel-related expenses unless previously approved by the VP of Finance/CFO.

    Authorization to obtain a card must be through the VP of Finance/CFO. Although the card is issued in an individual’s name, it should be considered College property.

    Complete details and more information may be obtained through the Business Services department.

    Credit Card Expense Report Procedure

    Once a month, Business Services receives an invoice from MasterCard for payment.  The cardholder will then submit an electronic expense report monthly via the website

    Your monthly report is due to our office by the 5th business day of each month. This ensures us proper time to look them over and process them.

    If your report has not been received by the due date, you will be contacted and notified of what charges you still need to submit. Your card privileges may be suspended until the proper paperwork has been received by the Business Services department. 

      Office Supplies & Other Supply Ordering Instructions

      Office Supplies

      Amazon and Staples are the preferred office supply vendors. Staples does have supply prices that have been pre-negotiated. To order supplies, please use either the online Amazon or Staples ordering portal. If your department has not been given access, please contact Mary Tarte in the Business Services department and she will arrange the access. Orders are placed daily and are usually delivered the next business day or day after. Please have supply requests to Purchasing by noon. Supplies are delivered to each office by the mailroom.

      Copy Paper, Envelopes, and Letterhead

      Please email Mary Tarte to request copy paper, CCS envelopes and CCS letterhead. Department letterhead should be ordered through Business Services if back-stock is running low via a purchase requisition.

      Business Cards

      Business cards are ordered through the Human Resources Department.

      Coffee and Water Supplies

      Coffee pods/packs, cups, sugar, tea, creamer and other supplies should be purchased via an approved method by the department for use of their entire department.

      Water coolers are strategically placed around campus. The water vendor is Absopure. The delivery company will bring the water to campus every other week. Please contact Mary Tarte if you are in need of any water bottles.

        Disposing of a College Owned Asset

        If a college owned asset becomes unusable and needs to be disposed please contact Business Services in writing with a description of the asset, the property tag number (i.e. red tag) and the reason for the disposal. The Business Services department must properly account for the disposal and remove the asset from our inventory system.

        Selling A College Owned Asset

        The sale of ANY college-owned assets must be pre-approved by the VP of Administration and Finance before the sale occurs. Once approved, the Business Services department must be notified so the sale can be properly recorded and the buyers’ information is documented. Again, departments may not sell college-owned assets without permission.

        Reporting A Stolen College Owned Asset

        If you become aware of any college-owned asset that has been stolen or is noticed to be missing you must notify Campus Safety. A copy of the incident report will be provided to Business Services so that the asset can properly be accounted for and removed from our inventory system. Remember, the college has a fraud hotline (call 313.664.7998) that may be used to report stolen property while remaining anonymous.

        The policy in full can be found HERE.