Corporate Credit Card Instructions

MasterCard credit cards are available and provided to employees for the purpose of charging legitimate travel and entertainment expenses to the College. Cardholders should not use corporate credit cards to circumvent the Colleges purchasing function by charging for other than approved travel-related expenses unless previously approved by the VP of Finance/CFO.

Authorization to obtain a card must be through the VP of Finance/CFO. Although the card is issued in an individual’s name, it should be considered College property.

Complete details and more information may be obtained through the Business Services department.

Credit Card Expense Report Procedure

Once a month, Business Services receives an invoice from MasterCard for payment.  The cardholder will then submit an electronic expense report monthly via the website

Your monthly report is due to our office by the 5th business day of each month. This ensures us proper time to look them over and process them.

If your report has not been received by the due date, you will be contacted and notified of what charges you still need to submit. Your card privileges may be suspended until the proper paperwork has been received by the Business Services department.