Disposing of a College Owned Asset

If a college owned asset becomes unusable and needs to be disposed please contact Business Services in writing with a description of the asset, the property tag number (i.e. red tag) and the reason for the disposal. The Business Services department must properly account for the disposal and remove the asset from our inventory system.

Selling A College Owned Asset

The sale of ANY college-owned assets must be pre-approved by the VP of Administration and Finance before the sale occurs. Once approved, the Business Services department must be notified so the sale can be properly recorded and the buyers’ information is documented. Again, departments may not sell college-owned assets without permission.

Reporting A Stolen College Owned Asset

If you become aware of any college-owned asset that has been stolen or is noticed to be missing you must notify Campus Safety. A copy of the incident report will be provided to Business Services so that the asset can properly be accounted for and removed from our inventory system. Remember, the college has a fraud hotline (call 313.664.7998) that may be used to report stolen property while remaining anonymous.

The policy in full can be found HERE.