Student Bereavement

In the event of the death of a member of your immediate family, students are permitted three (3) consecutive days (Monday thru Saturday) off from classes. Immediate family includes husband, wife, domestic partner, child, parent, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchildren, and in-laws and step relationships in these categories.

Bereavement leave will be counted as an excused absence from class. Requests for bereavement leave are handled by the Dean of Students. The student must provide appropriate documentation of the death (obituary, death certificate, or notice from funeral service). The Dean of Students will send a notice of the student leave to the instructors. Upon return the student must work with each faculty member to make up any missed class work or assignments. Should a student require additional time away, it is up to the discretion of the faculty person to determine additional days awarded.

March 21, 2019

January 5, 2021

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