Class Audit

Students, graduates and visitors may audit a class on a space-available basis. No academic credit is awarded for audited courses. Those wishing to audit a course may register by adhering to the policy and following the procedures and guidelines listed below:

  1. Matriculating (B.F.A.) and nonmatriculating (e.g., visitors, CCS graduates) students who wish to audit a class must elect to do so at the time of registration by submitting a completed Audit Registration form, available in the Academic Advising and Registration Office.
  2. Students electing to audit a class may not register for that class until the first week of class for the semester. Students may not register for a class after the first week of any semester.
  3. Once the election has been made to audit a class, the student may not change the registration to receive credit for the class.
  4. Audited courses carry no credit and do not satisfy degree requirements. Upon completion of the course, the audit grade of X will appear on the student’s transcript. (The grade of X is not used in the calculation of cumulative grade point average or course completion rate.)
  5. Regular tuition rates are charged for audited courses. The refund policy for audited and credit courses is the same and is outlined in the Course Schedule.
  6. Matriculating (B.F.A.) students are permitted to audit one course each semester during their B.F.A. tenure at CCS, with a staff advisor’s approval.
  7. Nonmatriculating students (visitors, CCS graduates) are limited to three classes per semester.

October 18, 2016

December 11, 2020