Deceased Student Procedure

The death of a student is a tragic event. Many different people on campus will be affected and share responsibilities in responding. Responding to this type of event in a timely fashion will allow people to begin coping. The simple dissemination of information is very important so that people are aware of the facts and that there is support for those who are in need.

Even in the face of this type of tragedy there are things that need to be done, for the family of the deceased, for the CCS community, and administratively.

There should be one point person who is in communication with the family. Usually this will be the Dean of Students unless someone else becomes the point person because of family choice or circumstances. To avoid “passing” the family on to another staff member, the person that the family contacts first is the point person and should make sure the necessary actions are set into motion.

Dean of Students or designee

▪ Request a copy of the death certificate so that the student loans can be forgiven – provide this to the Financial Aid Loan Officer.  

▪ When talking with the family find out what their comfort level is with posting the funeral arrangements on campus and with how they would like us to respond to questions about how the death occurred.

▪ Notify the necessary campus officials of the death

If the student lived in campus housing, how does the family want to deal with their belongings – do they want to pack them up or allow us to packed them up and then be picked up by/shipped to the family

▪ Write an email to CCS community (if the family approves)

▪ Coordinate with the student’s major academic department to schedule an on-campus memorial service


▪ Write a letter to the student’s family

VP for Enrollment and Student Services

▪ Process a Tuition Refund Appeal to Remove All Charges

Director of Academic Advising & Registrar

▪ Withdraw the student from all classes

▪ Updates student’s colleague file to reflect the following:

  • no directory/secure everything/no contact
  • Change status to deceased
  • Place hold on student’s account/record.
  • End-date assigned advisors/counselors (mentors)
  • Place any documentation into student’s file/including notes of deceased date

Director of Wellness and Counseling

▪ Email the campus community to offer support through the Wellness Center.

▪ Post information regarding depression and stress

Director of Financial Aid

▪ Review and rescind Student financial aid after tuition is forfeited from the students account.

▪ If possible, get in contact with family to have loans discharged (if student borrowed loans).

▪ Remove from financial aid communication listings going forward.

Director of Residence Life 

▪ Remove housing charges

▪ Notify suite mates

▪ Notify RAs

▪ Find out what arrangements need to be made for items to be moved out of housing

Associate Director of Individual Giving/Alumni Relations 

▪ Note student’s death in appropriate alumni and Institutional Advancement databases.

Director of Campus Safety and Security

▪ Deactivate student’s access card

November 25, 2019

December 11, 2020

Enrollment and Student Services