Military Tuition Assistance

Military tuition assistance (TA) is a benefit that is paid to eligible members and veterans of the United States military branches. TA is not a loan and will not need to be repaid as long as the student enrolls in and attends class. When a student withdraws (officially or unofficially), they may no longer be eligible for the entire amount of the TA awarded. The College for Creative Studies Business Services staff will work with the Academic Advising and Registration Office to calculate the amount that is to be returned based on the following criteria:

  • Number of days completed divided by the total days of the course will equal the percentage earned
  • For “Official” withdraws: The date of withdrawal will be used as the last date of attendance
  • For “Unofficial” withdraws: CCS will conclude the last date of attendance as the last date of activity within the course taken.

In compliance with the Department of Defense policy, CCS will return unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the course regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

For military deployment or reactivation: if you are unable to complete your current semester due to deployment or reactivation, contact the VA School Certifying Official in the Academic Advising and Registration Office immediately. Students will need to supply official proof of military deployment or reactivation and will be advised to complete a Tuition Appeal Form.

June 19, 2019

January 24, 2024

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