Retention of Student Art Work

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing (for example, in connection with a sponsored project or internship), students at CCS own their work product and its associated intellectual property rights. The College retains unlimited rights to reproduce images of student artwork indefinitely for historical, archival, accreditation, and promotional purposes. Photo credit will be given to any student whose work is reproduced for such purposes.

Students are expected to remove their work from campus at the end of each semester unless selected by the faculty for display purposes. Student artwork left at the College will only be retained for one semester after that unless otherwise specified by the Department Chair or prior arrangements are made in writing. The retention period for work created in the winter semester is the end of the following fall semester. Work included in the Student Exhibition is considered part of the winter semester of that year, regardless of when the work was created. Work left on campus after the retention period will be considered abandoned, with the student relinquishing any claim of ownership to the College. Abandoned work may be destroyed and will not be sold or donated to others. The College assumes no liability for student artwork left on campus. Please see your Department Chair or Program Manager for further information on the retention of student artwork.

February 17, 2017

January 5, 2021

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