Pass/No Credit – Fall 2020

The Pass/No Credit grading option has been extended and will continue through the Fall 2020 semester. We have made a few modifications to the process used in the Winter 2020 semester, so please review carefully. Undergraduate students have the option to convert any C, C-, D, D- course grades to “P” Pass.  Graduate students have the option to convert any B- or C course grades to “P” Pass.  The Academic Advising and Registration Office will automatically change “F” grades to NC.

The P/NC Process:

  • All faculty will assign letter grades as usual for the Fall 2020 term.
  • Upon receipt of receiving final grades for the term (Wednesday, December 16, for Fall 2020), students will have the option to retain the letter grade received or opt to change the following:
    • Undergraduate & Dual enrollment students: change C through D- grades to P (Pass)
    • Graduate students: change B- through C grades to P (Pass)
  • To change eligible grades, a pass/no credit request form must be submitted.
  • The form will be available beginning December 16 until 4:30 p.m. on December 20 on Blackboard under Academic Advising and Registration Office, Forms (sign-in required).
  • Students can make the decision on a course-by-course basis for the Fall 2020 semester, to convert one or multiple courses.
    • There is no need to submit a form if the student wants to retain the letter grade.
    • Students that fail to submit the form by the deadline must petition the Registrar for consideration.
  • Any undergraduate, dual-enrollment, or graduate grade of F will automatically be changed to a “NC” no-credit.
  • To be eligible for the President’s and Dean’s list, students cannot convert any letter grades to P/NC. All grades for academic honor acknowledgement must be grades that are factored into the GPA. Pass/No Credit is not eligible.

Important P/NC guidelines        

  • All P/NC grades will be noted on the academic transcript
    • P/NC grades are NOT included in semester or cumulative GPA calculations
    • P grading is optional and not required.
    • F grades are automatically changed to an NC no credit.
    • Pass “P” receives course credit
    • No Credit “NC” does not receive course credit and must be retaken (if required)
    • The faculty member does not know where students have chosen the P/NC option, all faculty are required to submit a letter grade via WebAdvisor.
  • Students who wish to retract their request for P/NC grading should contact the Academic Advising & Registration Office. Converting back to the original assigned letter grade will recalculate that grade into your grade point average.

For graduating students:

  • Must not receive a Failed “F”, No Credit “NC”, or Incomplete “I” grade for any course required for your degree program to graduate. This will postpone completion of your program and graduation. You will be required to complete unsatisfied credits the following semester (more on “I” grading below).
  • P (passing) grades are acceptable for required credits and do not impact graduation.

For undergraduate and dual enrollment courses:

  • A letter grade of A through D- equates to a pass (requirement met)
  • A letter grade of F equates to a No Credit (requirement not met)

For graduate courses:

  • A letter grade of A through C equates to a pass (requirement met)
  • A letter grade of F equates to a No Credit (requirement not met)

Academic Warning/Suspension

  • If you are a student on academic probation for the FA/20 semester, because of COVID-19, we will allow students continue on a probation continued status.
  • If a student on academic warning elects to have all graded courses and their cumulative grade point average is above 2.0, (for Undergraduate students), 3.0 (for Graduate Students) that will remove them from academic probation status and the student will be restored to good standing.

The Incomplete Grade Process:

  • Faculty may choose to enter a grade of Incomplete for students who were unable to complete work in the Fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19.
  • A student may not graduate until Incomplete grades are satisfied. If you are a graduating student, please bear this in mind.
  • Incomplete coursework must be satisfied by the end of the subsequent semester (winter 2021).  Please work with your faculty member to complete remaining course outcomes necessary to satisfy the Incomplete.
  • If the incomplete is not satisfied by the end of the subsequent semester that Incomplete (“I”) grade automatically defaults to an “F” or fail grade.

The decision to allow this flexibility is a direct acknowledgement of student requests and the COVID-19 situation. We expect our remote courses to maintain the highest quality instruction possible and that you will continue to engage and get the most from your courses. Please work with the Academic Advising and Registration Office to determine the best path for you with regard to the P/NC option.

April 9, 2020

June 26, 2020

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