Emeritus/Emerita Status

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Reason for Policy

Emeritus/Emerita status is conveyed upon a faculty member in recognition of long and distinguished service to the College and in recognition of professional contributions to the art and design profession.


Upon retirement as a full-time member of the faculty, an individual who has served the College for at least ten years, and has made meritorious contributions to the institution, is eligible to be considered for Emeritus/Emerita status.


Recommendations for Emeritus/Emerita status should include a curriculum vitae and a list of achievements during the faculty member’s term of College service.

The Chair of the faculty member’s academic unit makes a recommendation to the CCS Faculty Review Committee. If the committee accepts the recommendation, it is then sent to the appropriate Dean. Upon the Dean’s approval, the recommendation is forwarded to the President. With the President’s approval, the recommendation is forwarded to the Board of Trustees for the final decision.

Emeritus/Emerita Recognition

Conferral of an Emeritus/Emerita certificate, which indicates the Emeritus/Emerita title and is signed by the President and Board Chair, should take place in the presence of the College community at an appropriate time and place as determined by the President.


Benefits of Emeritus/Emerita status are the following:

  • Continued activation of CCS email and ID
  • Invitation to participate in Commencement each May
  • Access to campus, including parking at both Ford and Taubman
  • Library check out privileges
  • Faculty discount at the CCS Bookstore
  • Continued listing on the CCS website

June 5, 2019

May 25, 2021

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