Financial Aid for less than Full-Time Enrollment

Financial aid is initially awarded based on full-time enrollment. Each semester the enrollment status of every student is reviewed to determine if their grants and scholarships should be pro-rated due to less than full-time status. Aid continues to be pro-rated for less than full-time status until 100% charges apply each semester (see the academic calendar for exact dates).

  • 11.5 – 9.0 credits – reduced to 75%
  • 8.5 – 6.0 credits – reduced to 50%
  • Less than 6.0 credits – reduced to 0%

Scholarships from outside entities are not prorated unless required by the donor. Loans do not change unless requested by the student or unless the maximum budget for the enrollment level is exceeded.

Please note that students must be at least half-time until 100% charges apply to receive most kinds of aid, including most kinds of loans (alternative loan borrowers should check with their lender).

January 19, 2017

January 4, 2021

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