College Level Examination Program – CLEP

Earn College Credit for What You Already Know

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) gives you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know with qualifying scores on one or more CLEP examinations. These exams test your knowledge of introductory college-level subjects. College for Creative Studies provides credit for successful scores on numerous CLEP exams. CCS has a course equivalency that lists the exam(s) for which credit is granted, the required score, and the equivalent course you would bypass.

Getting your Scores to CCS

When students take a CLEP exam, they may select the institution that should receive their scores. Select College for Creative Studies (College Code: 1035) to have your scores sent to CCS. An official score report will automatically be forwarded to the school. Students will also receive an unofficial copy of your score for your records immediately after the examination (except for College Composition). If you do not indicate where you would like your score sent on the day of the test, you can always request a transcript at a later time for a fee. Just submit the Transcript Request Form — it’s available on the CLEP website.

Other Important Information about Our CLEP Policy:

Students may earn up to 12 credits with CLEP exams. Students may not repeat an exam within six months of the testing date. CLEP exams repeated earlier than six months will be cancelled and your test fees will be forfeited.

What to Bring to the Test Center

Please bring two forms of identification to the test center. Your primary ID must include your photo and signature; e.g. a driver’s license or passport. Your secondary ID must have a signature and/or photo; e.g. a social security card or student ID card. Note: Student/college ID cards are acceptable only as a secondary form of ID. Cell phones, calculators, PDAs of any kind, beepers, alarm watches, books, papers, and food are not allowed in the testing room. A calculator is provided if your exam requires you to use one. Each exam lasts approximately two hours. Please plan accordingly. Candidates with disabilities who require accommodations must make arrangements well in advance of the test date.

Where is the Test Center?

Wayne State University (WSU) is the nearest institution to CCS that administers the CLEP exam. CLEP results should be sent to the CCS Academic Advising and Registration Office for placement onto the student’s record.

Additional Information About CLEP:

The College Board’s website provides additional information about CLEP exams, including exam descriptions and test preparation resources:
You can also contact your academic adviser to discuss whether CLEP is right for you.

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