Software at CCS

Student, Faculty, and Staff Guide for accessing software through CCS. Please feel free to download this information as a PDF.

Adobe Creative Cloud:

All CCS students, faculty, and staff can now receive Adobe Creative Cloud for educational use in all CCS labs and offices as well as for up to two personal computers without the need to purchase or renew a license. CCS users will receive access to the full Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud Services, and Adobe Cloud storage. Just follow these two easy steps.

I. Establish your new CCS Adobe Creative Cloud Account

CCS users will receive an email in their CCS email from Adobe Creative Cloud ( announcing access to All Apps.

Click on the blue “Get Started” button in the email to set up your
new Adobe Creative Cloud account.

On the screen that opens, click to “Sign in with Enterprise ID” and create your login using your CCS email.

You may be prompted to log in again; always choose to sign in with the Enterprise ID and always use your CCS email for the email address.

Select United States as your country as that is the location of your license.

II. Access the Creative Cloud Software

A. Computers in CCS Labs

From the applications folder, click to open the software application that you want to use, for example Photoshop or Illustrator.

Log in to your CCS Adobe Enterprise ID account that you created in Step I on the previous page.

The application will open for use.

You will now be able to open any Adobe Application while you are signed in on the computer you are using.


If you do not SIGN OUT, anyone sitting at that computer will have access to all of your work. DO NOT select “Quit” within the application you are working in. You must sign out.

To sign out, click on “Help” in the upper tool bar and then select “Sign Out.”

B. On your own Computer

Go to and sign in with your CCS Enterprise ID login.

Click on the link to download the Creative Cloud Apps. You may be prompted to log in to Creative Cloud again to complete the installation of the Creative Cloud Desktop App Installer.

When the installer has finished, click on the Apps tab and select the apps that you want to install on your computer.

Return to the Desktop App icon in your computer toolbar at any time to update apps, install additional apps, access Adobe tutorials or assets, or access Adobe Cloud Storage.

LinkedIn Learning: is now LinkedIn Learning. If you have used at CCS previously, your learning history will transfer to your new LinkedIn Learning account. Your new CCS LinkedIn Learning account may be connected to your personal LinkedIn account if you choose, but it does not have to be connected.

Establish your new LinkedIn Learning account through CCS

Go to the CCS Blackboard page and click on the Quick Link for LinkedIn Learning. You will be taken to the CCS login page for the CCS Access Manager. Log in with your CCS username and password; you should be taken directly to LinkedIn Learning.

On the page that opens, click to either connect your LinkedIn
account or to continue without LinkedIn.

Follow the directions for setting up your new account.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office 365 is available for CCS students at no cost. You may enable the full cloud version of Office 365 and/or install the software directly on your computer. This offer allows you to activate the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) on up to 5 personal computers. Please note that all computers on which you install this software will hold the same username for the account.

For your copy of Micosoft Office, go to:

Enter your CCS email address and click “Get Started”

Click on/select “I’m a student” or “I’m a teacher”.

Microsoft will send a verification to your CCS email. Follow the
directions provided in this email to set up your Microsoft Office
software. Software:

All AutoDesk software is available for free to CCS students and

To access the software, go to:

Questions about CCS software?
Contact the CCS Information Technology Services Helpdesk at 313-664-7818.