Mentor Program

All full-time faculty are required to serve as formal mentors to students. Full time Faculty will work with an adjunct or staff member, as well as an alumni to create a team, or “pod” for a designated number of students within their departments beginning Freshman year. Mentors will remain with their group of mentees for the duration of the mentees time at CCS. Groups are assigned by Chairs and PM’s in communication with Academic Affairs and Institutional Advancement. Each mentor in the pod will have different mentorship responsibilities within the group. This is outlined in more detail in the Mentorship Program Guide. Full-time faculty specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Responsible for sending out meeting email reminders and populating the calendar for the pod meetings each semester

• Goal setting focus: Program/Academic/Career

• Creating supportive departmental culture & connections within the pod

• Cultivating curiosity/ developing strengths

• Supporting mentee’s goals in and out of the classroom

Mentorship meetings are mapped out in the mentorship guide to provide consistency across the campus. Mentoring sessions include one-on-one and small and large groups. Mentoring activities will vary from one department to another so there is flexibility within the suggested structure. Specific information concerning departmental activities will be determined by pods in discussion with the Department Chair or Program Manager.

The time commitment for mentors varies from year to year but is designed to include approximately 16 student contact hours per academic year.

January 4, 2017

October 3, 2022

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