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Position: Work-study Technician

Department: Academic Facilities


Work-study will take an active role in assisting the manager and supervisory technicians with the daily operations of the shop. They will help assist students, faculty, and staff in the safe and effective use of Metal shop and Foundry tools and machinery. Technicians will be scheduled a work load that is considerate of their class load with a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Must be self-motivated, punctual and reliable. Lead by example by following and enforcing shop safety procedures. Assist in the maintaining of tools and equipment. Service the needs of students, faculty, and staff using the facility. Maintain a clean and orderly shop. Perform additional duties as required.


3.0 Or better passing grade in DFN 116 Design Techniques. Knowledge of metal shop tools, processes, machinery, and safety. Strong organizational skills required and the ability to follow directions. Able to work effectively with a diverse student and faculty population. Good interpersonal skills including patience and the ability to help others. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Ability to work a flexible schedule to occasionally cover unfilled shifts and extended periods at the end of the semester.


1. Must be registered for classes
2. Student Employment Authorization to Hire form
3. 3.0 or better passing grade in DFN 116 Design Techniques.
4. Knowledge of metal shop tools, processes, machinery and safety.

Application Instructions:

Interested and qualified applicants please email Nikki Barbour to set up an appointment. Please include a copy of your current course schedule, contact information, and resume if available.

Posted on July 1, 2025