Scholarship Opportunities

The College for Creative Studies will accept any outside scholarship that students can obtain. Students have a variety of resources to find scholarship opportunities, such as:

  • High school guidance counselor
  • College aid section of your public library
  • Newspapers (local newspapers list a number of private, local scholarships)
  • Organizations (Churches, Women’s clubs, Sport groups, Cultural, and national, state, and local arts organizations)
  • Parent’s place of employment-large companies might offer scholarships for children of employees
  • Student jobs-fast food chains, department stores, and supermarkets often give scholarships
  • Networking with any and everyone
  • FREE online scholarship search services (you should never have to pay for scholarship information)

Current Scholarships

Use the listing below to view currently active external scholarship opportunities. Click in the title of the listing to view more details related to the announcement. You may also find other opportunities listed on the CCS Undergraduate Scholarship Guide page.

Foster Care Scholarship

Start Date: June 1, 2020 End Date: June 1, 2030


The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to student(s)who have experienced the Foster Care system to study art and design at College for Creative Studies.