New Faculty Welcome Packet

For new instructors at CCS, adopting the Canvas and Simple Syllabus can be a challenge. Below the Ed Tech Team has created a New Faculty Welcome Packet to help faculty meet the Canvas Minimum Usage Requirements for all teaching modalities.

While this packet was developed with new faculty in mind, the resources here can be used by any faculty/staff or those in need of a Canvas refresher.

The New Faculty Welcome Packet contains the following:

View the New Faculty Welcome Video Playlist

The New Faculty Welcome Video playlist consists of 6 how-to videos scaffolded and sequenced for easy use. Please watch the videos in order from 1 -6 to be shown the best practices for using Canvas.

Below you can view the 6 video series to learn how to easily develop your Canvas course using best practices to meet the Canvas Minimum Usage Requirements.

Video Playlist: 33:35 minutes

Helpful tip: Follow along in your Canvas course and pause the videos along the way to build your course step-by-step.

Download the New Faculty Welcome Packet

To download the New Faculty Welcome Packet, click the download arrow or “Download” button below.