Locker Rental Information

Terms of the Rental

  • Lockers are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
  • The combination to the lock that has been placed on the locker is distributed by the Cashier’s Office upon receipt of payment.
  • Lockers must be cleaned out and locks returned to the Cashier’s Office on or before the date stated on the locker rental agreement you will sign upon receipt of payment.
  • In the event that the lock is not returned, the contents of the locker will be discarded.
  • A disposal fee may be assessed to your tuition account. A hold will be placed on your record until this fee is paid.
  • The College for Creative Studies is not responsible for items lost or stolen from your locker.

Rental Fee Rates

  • Locker Rental Fee (non-refundable)
    • $20.00 covers both Fall and Winter Semesters
    • $10.00 for only Winter Semester

Please see the Cashier’s Office, located on the first floor of the Yamasaki Building, for additional information.