Model, Prop, and Costume – Information for Instructors

Model Coordinator: RaeAnne Woodman
Location: Ford Campus WB 104
Office Hours: August – May Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm, June – July hours vary

Requesting Models – Faculty:

  • Model bookings are to be made through the Model Coordinator.  Any instructor who books sessions with models directly in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action.  Any model who accepts bookings made directly with an instructor will not have those hours approved on TimeClock Plus.
  • Instructors must complete the Model Criteria Form to request models for their course.  This can be found on the Model, Prop, and Costume Office webpage.
  • Model Criteria Forms should be completed for all relevant courses three weeks prior to the start of class.
  • Late forms will be accepted for the sake of the learning environment, but the Model Coordinator can not guarantee that a model will be available for the requested dates if submitted with less than three weeks’ notice.
  • A copy of the completed form will automatically be sent to the instructor upon submission.  If the instructor needs to make changes to their form, they may do so freely so long as they email the Model Coordinator to inform that a change has been made.
  • A Google Calendar will be shared with each instructor with the information for each of their classes at the beginning of the semester.  They should appear under “Other Calendars” and would be titled “Instructor Name | Department”.  If you do not see your calendar, please let me know so that we can troubleshoot.
  • On Thursdays, the booked model will be added to the event for the following week.

Requesting Models – Students:

  • Complete the Student Model Request form with as much notice as possible (at least one week in advance of your project date)
  • Model(s) will be contacted by the Model Coordinator with project information and will be asked to contact the student if interested and available.
  • Students are encouraged to compensate their model(s) at a rate of $20/hr.
  • Students may obtain funding from their department for their model(s).  In these cases, the Model Coordinator must receive written permission from a staff or faculty member of the department prior to the date the model is needed.  The department’s model budget will be billed at the $30/hr rate.

Requesting Models – Events or Projects Not Affiliated With CCS:

  • Staff and Faculty may request models for their unaffiliated events or projects via email.
  • The Model Coordinator will send your event/project information to our models as an Unaffiliated Figure Model Opportunity.
  • Models will be asked to contact the organizer directly for pay, scheduling, and other information or questions.

Reporting Model Tardiness/No-Shows:

  • Instructors are responsible for informing the Model Coordinator when a requested model has not shown up to the session unless contacted in advance by the Model Coordinator. This can be done via email, call, or text (for communication outside of Model Coordinator office hours, text is best)
    • Email:
    • Office: (313) 664-7608
    • ‪Mobile: (313) 687-4337‬
  • When the Model Coordinator is aware of a no-show, attempts can be made to find a replacement model.
  • Instructors may opt-out of potential replacement if they believe it will be too disruptive to their class.  Instructors must inform the Model Coordinator of this decision.


  • CCS will not allow streaming of any of our models, at any time, nude or clothed, remotely or on campus.  This includes posting video to private channels on any video streaming service.  Violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.  
  • Reference photos taken by instructors and/or students are permitted with the consent of the model.


  • Instructors should be aware of their model bookings.  On Thursdays, the Model Coordinator will send a Google Calendar invite to the models that are scheduled the following week.  Instructors will then be able to see what model is booked for a session from the shared calendar.
  • Instructors must inform the Model Coordinator of any changes made to their class concerning models.  This includes substitute instruction, class cancellation, and remote instruction not previously planned.
  • Please allow the models to use the classroom computer or provide a viable alternative so that the models can log their hours at the beginning and end of class.