Rental Services – Equipment Rental Information

Equipment Rental Information

Checkout Guidelines:

AVC equipment rentals are free for current CCS students. Students are required to have their CCS student ID badge present in order to check out equipment. There are no exceptions.

Prior to renting equipment in the AVC, all students will be required to sign a detailed Equipment Rental Contract. This contract will be kept on file for one school year. Details concerning equipment check out/in policies, late fee information, and replacement fees will be updated on a yearly basis.

Equipment rented between Monday through Wednesday is due back twenty-four [24] hours after initial rental. For example, equipment checked out on a Monday at 7:00pm would be due on Tuesday at 7:00pm.
Equipment can only be checked out on Thursday and Friday between 8:00am-4:30pm for the 24 hour period. For example, equipment checked out on Thursday at 3:30pm would be due back on Friday at 3:30pm. Equipment can be checked out after 4:00pm on Thursdays but would then be considered a daily rental, with the equipment due back at 10:00pm on that same day. For example, equipment checked out on Thursday at 6:30pm would be due back that same Thursday at 10:00pm.

Friday rentals are due back by 10:00am on the following Monday. Equipment will not be available for rental between 10:00am-12:00pm on Mondays for inventory purposes.

Daily rentals are due back before 10:00pm the day of rental. There are no exceptions.

If equipment is not returned by the due date and time, late fees and/or replacement fees will apply. If equipment is returned late three times in one semester, the student’s checkout record will be reviewed and the student may have his/her check out privileges revoked for the rest of that

If equipment is returned broken or has items lost/stolen three times, the student’s checkout record will be reviewed and the student may have his/her check out privileges revoked for their remaining career at CCS.

Equipment may not be checked out for more than two consecutive days, excluding weekends.

The student must be present for an inventory check prior to leaving the AVC. Please allow fifteen [15] minutes for this process. The AVC inventory check is designed to protect the CCS community, as well, as the AVC from potential equipment malfunction.

By participating in the inventory check, you are saying that the equipment and accessories are present, in correct working condition, and have been inspected by both the AVC Tech and yourself. You are also accepting total responsibility for the equipment checked out and for any fees described,
including late and replacement fees.

It is strictly prohibited to rent the two of the same piece of equipment. For example, two Canon ZR960s. Students are also not allow to rent additional camera batteries from the AVC. This includes camera batteries for individual rental.