Form – Course Registration Approval

Submit this form to send registration approval for an individual student to the Academic Advising & Registration Office.

This form can be used to approve the following:

  • Registration of a course with missing prerequisites
  • Registration of course(s) restricted to junior/senior class levels
  • Registration if junior status credits are not met
  • Registration/overload into a closed course

A copy of this form is sent to the approver’s email and to the student email listed on this form.

Course approval forms received after hours will not be reviewed until the next business day.

Forms are processed in the order received.

Course Registration Approval Form

Student Information

A copy of this request will be sent to this address.

Course Approval Details

Enter course(s) approved for registration along with permission granted. Click “Add Course” to include details for up to four courses total.

Enter Department Code-Course Number.
Approved Semester/Term? *
Registration/Permission approved for what semester/term?
List Waivers/Approvals for the Above Course:
Forms that do not include correct waiver/approval selections will not be processed and will be sent back to the department for verification.

Course Registration Permissions Approved By:

A copy of this request will be sent to this address.

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