Center for Tutoring and Writing – Tutor Software + Skills

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After Effects Luke, Maddie, Nik, Ron (basic), Samantha, Valentino
Audition Nik
Blender Drenn, Luke, Maddie (basic)
Clip Studio Paint Matthieu, Spencer
Figma Luke, Maddie, Samantha
Final Cut Pro Luke, Ron
Illustrator Drenn, Luke, Maddie, Quinn, Ron, Samantha, Simeon, Tripp
InDesign Luke, Maddie, Ron, Samantha
Keynote Samantha
KeyShot Ron
Lightroom Maddie, Ron, Samantha
Marmoset Toolbag Simeon
Maya Fred, Simeon
Miro Samantha
Photoshop Drenn, Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Nik, Quinn, Ron, Simeon, Tripp, Valentino
Premiere Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Nik, Simeon, Tripp, Valentino
Procreate Quinn, Ron, Samantha, Tripp
Rhino Ron
Solid Works Ron (basic)
Substance Painter Fred, Luke, Simeon
ToonBoom Harmony Valentino
TV Paint Valentino
Unreal Fred, Simeon
XD Ron
Z-Brush Fred, Simeon
2D Animation Valentino
Business Maddie, Matthieu, Samantha
Coding Luke (HTML/CSS/Java Script/Processing), Maddie (HTML/CSS)
Digital Techniques All tutors
Drawing/Sketching Drenn, Matthieu, Quinn, Ron, Spencer,Tripp
Laser Cutter Maddie, Samantha
Math Luke, Spencer
Perspective Drawing Drenn, Matthieu, Quinn, Spencer, Tripp
Portfolio Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Nik, Ron, Samantha, Simeon
Presentations Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Nik, Quinn, Ron, Samantha, Spencer
Research Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Nik, Quinn, Ron, Samantha, Spencer
Risograph Maddie
Sewing Maddie (basic)
Study Skills All tutors
Time Management All tutors
Traditional Animation Tripp, Valentino
Typography Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Samantha
Viscom Drenn (TD), Luke (CD), Samantha (CD), Maddie (CD), Ron (PD)
Writing Luke, Maddie, Matthieu, Nik, Quinn, Samantha, Spencer, Valentino

Updated 09/21/2023