Solicitations, Signage, and Postings

Authorization for canvassing, i.e., collecting donations, selling goods, subscriptions or conducting similar transactions, is given only to recognized CCS departments/divisions, groups and organizations. Signage and/or soliciting in CCS buildings is not permitted without the written permission of the Office of Student Affairs (student) or sponsoring department/division (employee). The posting of signs on building surfaces, windows, glass doors, benches, utility poles, sculptures, garbage receptacles, railings, trees, traffic control signs and sidewalks is prohibited.

No poster, leaflet, or advertising of any kind is allowed on prohibited areas of the school or residence halls without similar permission.  The Office of Student Affairs (student) and/or sponsoring department/division (employee) grants permission for advertising.  Final designs for all postings must be approved by the sponsoring department/division, must include the name of the sponsoring department/division, contact information, and departmental stamp in order to be posted on campus. 

These guidelines govern temporary signs and posting for both internal and external campus environments.  All approved signage will be removed 2 weeks after the event, if applicable.  

This policy does not apply to CCS sponsored events and installed art exhibits.

Note: If you have questions, refer to the leadership team member appropriate for your department/division.

Note: Permanent fixtures, such as wayfinding signage and official college building signage, as well as long-term temporary signs in exterior locations (e.g. signs for construction projects) are not governed by these guidelines and must be reviewed and approved by Facilities and Operations. Operational messages, such as information provided by the college administration, are also not governed by these guidelines.

January 26, 2018

August 17, 2021

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